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February 2019


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Why I Love the Super Bowl

If you’re a football fan, then February is the biggest month of the year for you. Super Bowl LIII is on Sunday, Feb. 3, and I know a lot of my patients are looking forward to the big game. While I’m not a huge football person, I do love Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the last day my Sunday-evening TV viewing will be disrupted, the commercials are always great, and it’s a good time to reconnect with friends. We used to go to big Super Bowl parties every year, but that’s not really my thing. For me, the best Super Bowl celebrations are shared with close friends. My favorite Super Bowl Sunday was in 1986, when the Bears played the Patriots. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember too much about the game itself, but I remember that day clearly. Back then, my best friend was a kid named Bryce. On that day, my family and Bryce’s family all went cross-country skiing together in Iowa. It was bitterly cold, but we had so much fun. When we were done, we had hot chocolate and all gathered at Bryce’s to eat chili and watch the game. To this day, it’s not Super Bowl Sunday without a big pot of chili. That Super Bowl spent with Bryce and his family started a long tradition that lasted for years. When I was in dental school, a bunch of us would get together every February, and we would make chili before watching the game. Each one of us would

To this day, it’s not Super Bowl Sunday without a big pot of chili.

have something different to add to the recipe. After we graduated, the friends I went to dental school with scattered throughout the country. We don’t hear from each other like we used to. But every Super Bowl Sunday, the phones come out and everyone gets a call or text saying, “Hey, are you making chili today?” At our house, no one is particularly crazy about football. For us, it’s less Super Bowl Sunday than it is Dad’s Chili Day. I don’t have some super-special chili recipe, but there are some qualities that make really great chili. First, it has to be spicy — so hot that I cry, hiccup, or have to drown the chili in sour cream and cheese just to cool it down. And since I’m from Iowa, I’ve got to throw some corn in there to add a bit of color.

Life is full of countless little moments that bind us together and help us grow into the people we are today. Throughout my life, many of those moments have been made over a bowl of chili. Over time, we lose touch with people we once thought we couldn’t live without, but those memories we shared are still there. They shape who we are and are worth revisiting. Today, when I make chili for my family on Super Bowl Sunday, I’m reminded of cross- country skiing with Bryce, studying late into the night at dental school, and many other days spent with people who make my life better. –-Jason A. Schermer


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