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G reen B uildings At Goldtex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Post Brothers receives LEED Gold certification

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HILADELPHIA, PA — Post Brothers an- nounced that Goldtex, its distinctive 13-story apart- ment community in Philadel- phia has received the presti- gious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) . The rec- ognition represents Philadel- phia’s first and only LEED Gold certification for a residen- tial high-rise building. Once home to the Goldtex shoe factory, the reimagined Goldtex building is now home to the city’s most unique – P

and environmentally friendly – apartment community. In total, the zero-carbon-footprint redesign saves an estimated 15 million pounds of CO2 each year – the equivalent of the emissions from 1,200 motor vehicles. Goldtex, along with the en- tirety of Post Brothers’ port- folio, runs on 100% wind-gen- erated power; Post Brothers is the largest residential landlord purchaser of wind-generated power in the region. “It’s well known that build- ings are collectively one of the greatest contributors to greenhouse gases worldwide. From the moment we set forth redevelopment plans for the Goldtex building, a keen atten- tion to sustainability and en- ergy efficiency was absolutely paramount to our strategy,” said Michael Pestronk, CEO and Cofounder of Post Broth- ers. “This recognition from the USGBC is a testament to the meticulous attention we paid to every component of Goldtex’ infrastructure to transform a once-outdated factory into one of the most environmentally advanced buildings anywhere in Philadelphia.” In order to achieve LEED certification – the USGBC’s nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-perfor- mance green buildings —Gold- tex was assessed based on the industry’s highest standards for the use of sustainable and renewable resources, minimiz- ing environmental waste and pollution, optimizing indoor air quality, and seeking to reduce or eliminate contact with toxic or hazardous conditions. The USGBC cited a number of sustainable implementa- tions in its LEED Gold rating, including Goldtex’ entirely new building envelope, which creates an insulating thermal barrier utilizing its original shell as a heat sink. Post Broth- ers also installed a variety of light-spreading and non- light-transmitting windows with heat-blocking coatings, further maximizing the build- ing’s energy consumption and retention. Goldtex’ windows and elec- tronically controlled shades, combined with a revamped HVAC system that utilizes am- bient heat, are also designed to provide seamless temperature control while conserving en- ergy use. n

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