Cellular Medicine Association - October 2018

The Basic Science of Altar™ and Why You Should Use It After Every Vampire Procedure

(And Maybe in Some Secret Places Too)

1. It increases the microcirculation of the skin. The results of that are obvious: increased delivery of oxygen, increased delivery of nutrients, and increased removal of unwanted metabolites through waste. 2. SBD-4 is extremely rich in hyaluronic acid, which binds up to 100 times its weight in water, so it’s extremely hydrating. 3. It’s also extremely rich in arginine, the amino acid that’s very important in maintaining, protecting, and repairing the skin barrier. That’s the Reader’s Digest version of the science behind this extract. For an interview with the inventor of Altar™ (Berkeley researcher Krzysztof Bojanowski, Ph.D.) and an explanation of how the product evolved out of a multimillion-dollar wound-care research project, see the video at CellularMedicineAssociation.org/altar-science. To place an order at wholesale prices, log in to the membership sites or go to store.vampireskintherapy.com.

The active ingredient in Altar™ is SBD-4. SBD-4 is a patented extract from the root of the plant Angelica sinensis, which grows in the high altitudes of China, Japan, and Korea. SBD-4 has been demonstrated to do some rather remarkable things.

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