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Possible Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Post Bicycle Injury

Possible Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Post Bicycle Injury

*** The following is a transcript of a webinar for the Cellular Medicine Association from Sept.12, 2018, with Dr. George Ibrahim. The full transcript can be read and heard by logging into the membership sites. Typically, this (erectile dysfunction from a bicycle injury) happens oftentimes in younger guys where erectile dysfunction would never even be thought of. They are, by definition, usually very active, because they're riding a bike. And all of a sudden, they slip, they hit that straddle injury, and now they're having problems with erections. Injury from the bike is bad enough, but also the bike seat is leading to a lot of ischemia in that area. When we do the typical Priapus Shot®, we're focusing mostly on the corpora and on the phallus itself. Interestingly, I started noticing this awhile back when I had patients who had some kind of anal leakage, and I was injecting down in the perineum. And I would get these great responses. And I told them ahead of time, "I have no idea if

this is going to work. I mean, it's not going to hurt you, but let me see." And they'd come back and they'd say that it absolutely worked. To treat a bicycle injury, basically I’d follow the pudendal nerve. You take the scrotum and you pull it to one side. It's just essentially lateral to the scrotum. If you stick your finger down deep, you're going to feel the bones and the ischial tuberosity — the pelvis. And I would just inject; it's between your finger and the bones. The good news is those nerves, by definition, have not been severed. They have just been damaged. And this kind of therapy could be phenomenal. I'm not one to tell somebody that PRP is going to put the segment of a severed nerve back into place, but I absolutely see how it helps damaged nerves or traumatic injuries to nerves every day. *** Note: Dr. Ibrahim’s comments were part of a private conversation among members of the CMA and are not meant to imply that this strategy is

Dr. George Ibrahim, MD

currently the standard of care, but only to describe how the Priapus Shot® might be used to help ED secondary to a bicycle injury and prompt further thought and investigation. Dr. Ibrahim teaches hands-on workshops from the view of an experienced urologist. His next classes may be seen at CellularMedicineAssociation.org/ teachers/directory.




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