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tions, but content that uniquely helps potential candidates understand an organization’s culture and opportunities.” And don’t make it difficult for people to find your career page — they shouldn’t have to use the site map. One required element: video. “Gen Zers don’t read,” said Phin. “They watch.” He said that employers should post three videos. In the first, the CEO should say who the company is and where it’s going. In the second, a narrator should describe a ‘Day in the Life’ of a typical employee of the business. In the third, employees themselves should give testimonials on how attractive the company is as a place to work. Businesses should also take steps to improve their im- ages on — the website prospects use to assess prospective employers. Any negative reviews can highlight needed systemic or cultural changes. Make It Easy Given all of the above, the employer who lands the in- terest of an attractive Gen Z candidate must strike while the iron is hot. Doing so requires a streamlined hiring pro- cess. “Reduce the hoops you require candidates to jump through by judging the necessity of every hiring step,” said Rebecca Mazin, a co-founder of the Tarrytown, New York based human resources firm Recruit Right ( recruitright. net ). “If you find a candidate through social networking, for example, don’t demand a resume before you talk to them. They might not have one.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 32

care about our environment.” Part of a unique employment proposition is a company culture which is attractive to Gen Zers. “Every organization must look inward and ask, ‘Are there things we need to change in how we work with our employees and in our culture?’” said John Dyer, a consultant in team-based pro- cess improvement. “Do we need to reexamine the values we demonstrate day in and day out to develop an environ- ment that attracts the best people?” Inclusion is a vital part of that environment for a gener- ation deeply concerned about social issues. “Gen Zers are the most diverse generation we’ve ever had,” said Dorsey. “They celebrate diversity and expect it everywhere.” Burnish The Image Creating an attractive work environment is one thing; getting the word out to the public is another. “Every busi- ness needs to be concerned about its employment brand- ing,” said William J. Rothwell, Professor of Workforce Edu- cation and Development at Pennsylvania State University. “What do people in the community say about working at the company?” The obvious place to start a public campaign is a com- pany’s own website. The most important section is the page with jobsite listings. “It’s surprising how few employ- ers have built great career sections on their websites,” said Craig. “And by that I mean not just position descrip-

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