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And don’t demand they fill out a job application, either. That’s making them jump through another hoop that a competing employer may not require. Mazin suggested having the candidate fill out the application as part of the onboarding process after the hire takes place. Applications should be fully completable on mobile de- vices. “Gen Zers have a different natural relationship with technology than other generations,” said Dorsey. “When they apply for a job they expect to be able to complete the entire application on their phone. And it must be easy to do.” Unfortunately, more than 50 percent of phone appli- cations are never finished, added Dorsey. That’s why it’s important to collect an email address or cell phone num- ber early, allowing the employer to send an email or text a day or two later inviting the candidate to finish the job. The

app should save the previously entered information so the candidate is spared any unnecessary work. The follow-up invitation should be heavily personal- ized with phrases such as “we think you might be a great fit” and “we would love for you to finish your application.”

Those messages can make all the differ- ence when it comes to completed applica- tions, said Dorsey. Keeping Them Aboard The hiring manager’s job isn’t done when the Gen Z candidate becomes an employee. “What gets somebody to apply is different from what will get someone to stay,” said Dorsey. Employers must work on retention from Day One. A personalized introduction to the busi- ness can make a tremendous impression. So can an entrance interview designed to discover what makes a new hire tick. “Find out why the person came to your organiza- tion,” suggested Phin. “Did they chose your company for the pay? The type of work? The location? Because their friends are there? Their answers will help you design a program that encouraged them and their friends to stay aboard.” New employees must also be trained properly. Many Gen Zers are older than pre- vious generations when first entering the workforce and they are new to the business environment. They need to learn the right behavior and attitudes. Training for Gen Zers must be done a specific way. “We often tend to think of training in terms of linear steps,” said Dors- ey. “But the younger people are not like that. They are more outcome driven, so they need to see the end scene first.” Show newcomers what success looks like, then walk them through while they have the end game in mind. Provide spe- cific examples of expected performance. Employers can ensure successful onboard- CONTINUED ON PAGE 34

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