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ings through frequent check ins during probation periods. All Aboard Go where the prospects are. Give them the data they need. Then onboard new hires in a way that makes them stay. Employers can win the modern war for talent by com- bining those three elements into a powerful recruitment and retention package. “If you want to get the most out of Gen Zers, you’ve got to support them on every dimension,” said Craig. “If you do that, they will perform, and tell their friends to come work at your shop. And when they do leave they’ll post good things about your company on Glassdoor.” Above all, employers must create a dynamic workplace that catches the eye of Gen Zers. “It’s easy for people in business to get caught up in what they do,” said Phin. “But it’s who they are that makes the difference. Employers who are attractive don’t have to worry about finding anybody.” How to Solve The No-Show Problem You hire a bright prospect. They sound enthused. You schedule their first day on the company calendar. And they don’t show up. You’ve been ghosted! It’s a common phenomenon in this tight labor market, where people can apply for a job with the click of a button — and counterof- fers can lure away the best of the best. “When people accept a job today, we have been given permission to sell them on showing up for their first day of work,” said Jason Dorsey, President of The Center for Generational Kinetics, Austin, Texas ( ). “So we need to take the right steps before their first scheduled day to keep them engaged and excited.” Hiring managers can muffle the siren call of competing job offers by doing two things: 1) Placing a call to the candidate to establish a personal relationship, and to emphasize why the new hire is perfect for the company. 2) Following up with a series of texts providing details about the new position, useful information about perks and benefits, and invitations to call or text back with questions. Faced with a one-to-one approach such as this, the flat- tered candidate will feel they are not going to work for some anonymous company, but for an individual with Are you taking the right steps to hire and maintain Gen Zers? Find out by taking this quiz. Score 10 points for each “yes” answer. Then total your score and check your rating at the end of the article. Have you instituted the following practices? • Placed job listings on appropriate social media • Asked employees to post openings on their own ac- counts • Initiated an employee referral program • Included salary, benefits and scheduling flexibilities in job postings whom they have established rapport. How Good Are Your Hiring Practices?


Advantzware provides a flexible and comprehensive system to address the business management needs of the independent box business, as well as the ERP re- quirements of full scale packaging plants and integrat- ed companies. With modules for estimating, scheduling, production, inventory and accounting, this scalable sys- tem supports packaging plants that produce corrugat- ed boxes, folding cartons, point of purchase displays, assembled partitions, paperboard products, foam fab- rication, as well as distribution of packaging supplies. AIR CONVEYING CORPORATION Air Conveying Corporation is a recognized leader in the in- dustry of Pneumatic Conveying Systems and has been in business since 1968. As an equipment manufacturer rather than simply a sales organization, we have complete control over the quality of material and products which make up your proposed system. Our equipment is found in Printing, Folding Carton and Corrugated plants throughout the coun- try and the world. Let us build you the best Trim Removal System you ever had. Contact us today. Amtech offers the industry’s most innovative and compre- hensive corrugated and packaging ERP, integrated sched- uling software, and engineered automation technology. For over 30 years, Amtech has remained at the backbone of successful businesses from the independent box makers to the largest integrateds. We keep our customers competitive in an ever-changing economy with options such as custom- er digital storefronts and workflows, business intelligence, automated scheduling for corrugators, converting and shipping, proactive roll stock and inventory management. APEX INTERNATIONAL AMTECH SOFTWARE World’s largest Anilox and Glue & Metering roll manufac- turer, providing the widest selection of corrugated engrav- ings and complementary services. Anilox engraving options available from our North American manufacturing facility include elongated 75°, 60°, 45°, plus Apex’s patented GTT technology. Glue rolls are produced with Hardened Stain- less Steel and a max TIR of 10 µ for Single, Double Facers.


Albany International has a corrugator belt for every appli- cation. Our reputation for durable performance is the trade- mark of the most dependable belts in service today.


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