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wooden dieboards for so many customers, they were running out of storage space. “We have purchased, uti- lized and disposed of thousands of cutting dies over the 60-plus-year history of the company,” says Paul Mansour, Director of Account Development at Batavia Container. “As it is, the life of a cutting die can range from a one- time use for a custom point-of-purchase display to regular use hundreds of times. They can last for 10 to 20 years.” The question is, how to dispose of obsolete dieboards, which is an industry-wide issue, Mansour affirms. “Our industry typically puts obsolete and old cutting dies in a dumpster, and the contents ends up in the landfill.” Mid America Paper Recycling team members often visit manufacturing facilities and are asked if they recy- cle die cutting boards or know how to recycle them on a large-scale basis. “We have been investigating recycling dieboards for some time. We are often asked if we can recycle the wood,” says Paul Pirkle, President of Mid Amer- ica Paper Recycling. “Batavia Container asked if we could


Sauer provides intelligent solutions for scoring, slitting, slit-scoring, and perforating on corrugators and floor slitters; and glue tab cutting, creasing, slotting, trimming and scrap chopping on presses. New, featured offerings include FRX Adjustable Folding Rail System and G3 Scoring System: the latest proven creasing technology on the market.


Interactive website for Stafford Corrugated Products and Stafford Cutting Dies. Featuring online ordering of replace- ment parts. Also, visitors can automatically calculate sheet size for most die-cut standards.


SUN Automation Group is the global leader in providing innovative solutions to the corrugated industry. SUN engi- neers and builds the SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter, provides sales, service and support in North and Central America for Latitude Machinery Corporation, manufacturer of Mini to Jumbo FFG and RDCs. Additionally, SUN is the North Amer- ican, UK and Ireland sales and service provider for Para Machinery’s line of equipment, and is the North American sales provider for Highcon. SUN also powers the corrugat- ed industry’s premier IIoT platform, Helios, and is the OEM source for Langston/Staley equipment parts and service. THACKER INDUSTRIAL SERVICE COMPANY Specializing in corrugated machinery, T.I.S.CO. offers quali- ty-made products, support services, and more. T.I.S.CO. has a reputation of dependability, not only in the product, but in service and support. With more than 25 years’ experience, T.I.S.CO. installs equipment and machinery, moves or sets up entire plants, rewires and rebuilds - all over the world. VT GROUP VT offers prepress services for the POP display and corru- gated shipping container industry including graphic design, optimized digitally imaged printing plates and innovative pre-mounting solutions. Our large-format digital printing fa- cility (Digital Impact) is a leading short-run manufacturer of distinctive POP displays and signage where litho-like graph-

possibly recycle their dieboards. We knew there had to be a market for the obsolete boards. They are a substantial amount of waste. We began asking reprocessing vendors if they would accept obsolete dieboards and found a recy- cler that can repurpose them.” In late 2021, Batavia Container decided the time was right to initiate the dieboard project. With assistance from Mid America Paper Recycling, Batavia Container was able to recycle tons of the obsolete dieboards, repurposing the waste into lawn and garden mulch and other wood-based products. “We worked with Mid America to have the old tooling recovered and to reuse both the dieboard wood and the metal,” Mansour remembers. The project took place in November, 2021. Mid America arranged to pick up the tooling from Batavia Container us- ing in its own trailer, and hauled them to a processor. “The processor used a familiar recycling process but it’s new for this kind of application,” Pirkle explains. “The boards were sent through a high-tech wood chipper that can separate the metal tool from the wood. The resulting wood chips can be reused as mulch and other wood-based products.” Recycling the dieboards also allowed Batavia Contain-

ics are preferred. WPR SERVICES

WPR Services was established in 2016. What originally start- ed as a technical services company expanded its product offerings to include a machine center learning platform POWtalk™. Our analysis of video, audio, machine metrics, employee ergometrics, and person to person conversation provides a way to identify safety and process inefficiencies.


August 22, 2022

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