The purpose of this guide

Housing Choices Australia is a leading provider of specialist housing, owning and managing a large portfolio of properties, which includes shared supported accommodation, fully accessible homes and integrated living environments. Housing Choices is responsible for repairs and maintenance of these properties and engages qualified contractors to promptly resolve any maintenance issues. We are committed to ensuring that works are completed on time and to the best possible standard, are carried

In addition to repairs, Housing Choices undertakes preventative maintenance, such as gutter cleans and periodic servicing of heating and cooling systems. This work is pre-planned and ensures residents enjoy a well maintained, comfortable and safe home environment. This booklet contains an easy to follow step by step guide to reporting maintenance issues. It is important to report maintenance issues as they arise so that we can respond appropriately and arrange to rectify repairs as quickly as possible. Supported Independent Living provider sta are required to follow the steps detailed in this guide to report maintenance issues. It is also recommended that the guide be used for training and induction of new support sta.

out safely and with minimum disruption to residents and their support providers.


Maintenance And Repairs Maintenance Information

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What is the purpose of this guide?

Responsive Maintenance

Work Categories

Requesting Responsive Maintenance

Steps For Arranging Responsive Maintenance Contact For Engaging Maintenance Works

Our Contractors

Preventative Maintenance Planned Maintenance

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Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance information

Reactive Maintenance is day to day maintenance or repairs carried out in response to requests for such works to restore an amenity or component to its working condition. Planned Maintenance consists of maintenance work that is scheduled as building services or components wear out. This type of maintenance aims to preserve the fabric of the building to protect its value. Preventive Maintenance is work that is required to be carried out on an agreed cycle. Preventive maintenance is pre-planned and aims to prolong the life of the building or component and avoid costly breakdowns. When reporting a maintenance issue, it is important to provide as much information about the problem so that repairs can be arranged as eciently as possible, particularly in circumstances where repairs are critical to the safety of residents, sta and visitors to the premises. Before reporting the maintenance issue, be ready with as much detail about the problem as possible. This will ensure the correct contractor is arranged and will minimise delays and disruptions to getting the job done. Please let us know whether the maintenance issue you are reporting aects the direct care, health and wellbeing of the resident. For example, repairs to an air conditioner may fall into a non-urgent category, however the repair may be a higher priority for a resident who is unable to regulate their own body temperature. Requesting maintenance


Be mindful of your own safety at all times and alert us if you become aware of any potential hazards.

Reporting Faults

Ensure Safety Follow safety procedures and identify the urgency of the fault using the fault category chart over page.

Complete the maintenance request form and email to: maintenance @ Respond to contractor request for access.

Finalise Works Check that the works are completed satisfactorily.

Contact numbers for reporting faults

Priority and non-urgent repairs Report faults during business hours only


Complete the Maintenance Request Form and email to maintenance @

Complete the Maintenance Request Form and phone 1300 321 185 immediately

Fault Categories


Response time



Within 4 hours

Repairs to any items that pose an immediate risk to residents or sta safety. • External door failure • Report fire or fire damage • Fire Indicator Panels • Gas Leak – Unable to Isolate

1300 321 185

• Electrical Damager – Unable to Isolate • Major Water Leak – Unable to Isolate • Flood or Serious flood damage

• Sewer backflows • Broken Windows

Important Note: This type of repair is aimed at making a property “safe” only. Any further work will be completed as soon as possible.


Within 24 hours

• Burst water service • Blocked or broken toilet system • Serious roof leak • Gas leak • Dangerous electrical fault • Flooding or serious flood damage • Serious storm or fire damage • Failure or break down of any essential service or appliance provide by your landlord for hot water, water, cooking, heating • Any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or insecure. • An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working properly and can cause a substantial amount of water to be wasted. • Serious fault in a lift or staircase. • Broken or damaged access points, that is locks doors, windows etc. • Trip hazards

1300 321 185

• Faulty grab rails • Broken window

Time expectation




Within 7 days

• Leaking taps • Pest control

• Blocked stormwater drains • Ceiling, wall door damage • Slow leak – toilet and taps • Air conditioner repairs • Faulty exhaust fan/range hood • Cracked window or shower screen • Poor TV reception • Light flickering/not working • Overflowing gutters • Fixing faulty front sensor light

maintenance @


Within 14 days

• Fencing repairs • Letter box repairs • Jammed window • Blind that has broken or fallen o bracket • Any other non-urgent works that may include minor repairs

maintenance @

Get in touch Housing Choices in partnership with the Supported Living Provider are committed to ensuring that each property is repaired and maintained to the highest standard, meeting the specific needs of each resident. Should a matter arise that is not covered in this guide, or we have been unable to resolve a matter to your satisfaction, please contact the Specialist Housing Group National Manager on 1300 312 447. If still you are not satisfied that we have handled your matter completely, you can refer to our Complaints and Appeals Policy on our website or submit a formal complaint to:

Specialist Housing Group National Oce Level 3, 350 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000 P 1300 312 447 E info @

complaints @ Quality Assurance and Compliance Ocer

Housing Choices Australia Level 3, 350 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000

@ HChoicesAU


Supported Living Provider responsibilities

• •

Report any maintenance issues to Housing Choices as quickly as practicable Provide as much information and detail about the maintenance issue as possible, including the urgency of the repairs Report maintenance issues within appropriate timelines, i.e. report non-urgent issues during business hours. Advise Housing Choices if there is any risk to the health and wellbeing of residents which may impact on the urgency of the repair/s. Ensure residents, sta and visitors remain clear of any repairs being undertaken and that contractors can work uninterrupted. Alert Housing Choices and contractors of any behaviours or concern or potential triggers which may escalate the potential for a resident to become upset, agitated or anxious, such as loud noises or flashing lights. Advise Housing Choices and contractors of any access requirements or constraints such as security, emergency exits and egress. Advise Housing Choices of any issues with repairs, unsatisfactory workmanship or any concerns relating to contractors. Supported Living Provider sta are not expected to deal with any issues relating to contractors. These must be reported to Housing Choices in all instances. Retain copies on-site of owner manuals and/or user instructions for household items such as heating systems etc. Respond to request for maintenance and repairs within agreed timelines Engage the most appropriate contractor to eect repairs and maintenance Liaise and maintain communication with the house supervisor or support sta about the status of repairs, timelines, access to premises and other matters to ensure prompt resolution to maintenance issues. Provide the contractor with detailed instructions about the repair and/or maintenance issue and ensure the contractor is as fully informed as practicable about work to be done, the work environment and contact details of the Supported Living Provider at premises. Ensure contractors meet and maintain all obligations under Work Health and Safety regulations, safe work practices, compliance responsibilities and Housing Choices instructions and guidelines. Maintain records of any repairs and maintenance, including compliance certificates, warranties and guarantees. Consult with and gain input from the Supported Living Provider in planning cyclical maintenance to ensure minimal disruption to the household.

Housing Choices’ responsibilities

• • •

Contractor responsibilities Housing Choices contracts a variety of trades to undertake repairs and maintenance. In general, our contractors are required to:

Make contact by phone or in person with the Supported Living Provider to arrange for access prior to carrying out the work. Gain prior permission from the Supported Living Provider for use of power, gas, water and facilities. Show identification to sta on arrival. Carry out works between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm, Monday to Saturday, or at other suitable times with prior agreement, and subject to local council by-laws and Environment Protection Authority regulations. Cooperate with the Supported Living Provider in undertaking the sign-in and site induction processes. Follow safe work practices in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice. This includes filling out a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) as per required standards. Take all reasonable precautions to protect the house and residents’ property whilst undertaking work Keep equipment and tools secure on site – away from all persons. Provide safety signage/barriers Provide adequate fire protection if any high temperature works are required (for example, welding). Act courteously, fairly and respect privacy. Report any injury or incident to Housing Choices. Cease work and leave the premises if a situation arises where their safety is at risk, i.e. risk of harm from aggression or potential threat. Remove rubbish at the end of the working day and when job is completed, leaving premises clear and free from debris and as clean as practicable. Store materials safely and securely on site if work is continuing and materials cannot be removed at the end of the working day.

• •

• • • • • •

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Housing Choices will undertake preventative maintenance relating to periodic servicing of plant and equipment, including furniture for shared use in the home, to reduce the likelihood of failure. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure reliable operation, compliance with safety requirements and warranty conditions. This can also include systematic equipment inspections to identify any necessary repairs required.

Planned Maintenance

Housing Choices conducts a Property Condition Survey on a rolling triennial basis in order to ensure the home environment remains comfortable, safe and well maintained. Housing Choices will provide notice in advance prior to conducting these surveys. Access to all areas of the property will be required, therefore please advise during this notice period if access to any part of the property may be restricted, or hazardous to the health of Housing Choices sta (ie. Illness). Please be advised that Housing Choices values privacy of residents, visitors and sta. Only information relating to property conditions, plant and equipment, outdoor areas and structural integrity will be collected.

Note: Servicing and preventative maintenance of residents’ own aids and equipment, i.e. specialist beds and wheelchairs etc. are the responsibility of the resident.

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