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Year 9 DofE Training - 14-15 May Year 10 French Residential - 17-20 May

It has been lovely that this week at last has felt like summer and everyone has enjoyed the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air at break and lunch. This week our focus has very much been on our students in Years 11 and 13 as they finish their taught lessons and begin their final written public exams.

Half Term - 27-31 May Back to School - 3 June

HOLIDAYS & NATIONAL DAYS Mental Health Awareness Month - May National Walking Month - May Mental Health Week - 13-19 May International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia - 17 May

On Tuesday we greatly enjoyed our traditional Dress Up Day when Year 11 students come into school in costume, either in friendship groups or as individuals. Alongside some classic outfits including The Smurfs and the Spice Girls, I am amazed that the students managed to come up with new ideas yet again. This year our winners and runners up included a full Formula 1 Team with students dressed as cars and traffic lights in addition to the drivers and engineers! Then on Wednesday we had our Year 11 Final Assembly, joined by family and friends. It was wonderful to celebrate the students, looking back at their journey through school from Year 7. Our guest speaker, Amelia Radford, a previous Waldegrave Head Girl, delivered an inspirational speech reminding the students how important it is as young women to have the confidence to make your voice heard. It was a beautiful morning and a perfect way to begin the exam season, with our students brimming with the love and support from all at home and school. Today was our Year 13 students’ last day and they enjoyed dressing up in their school uniforms from Year 11. We had a mini celebration today and are looking forward to a formal celebration with Year 13 when their exams have finished.

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~ Ms Tongue, Headteacher


Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”. This coincides with May being National Walking Month, encouraging everyone to walk to work or school, rather than using cars or public transport, or get outside and explore the natural surroundings on their doorsteps. We know that being in nature and being physically active are two key ways to promote positive mental wellbeing. Ms Lane will be encouraging all students to move more for their mental health through her assemblies over the next fortnight. More information on how to support or get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week can be found here.

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It has been a busy week as we have said farewell to our Year 11s as they embark upon their GCSE exams. I know that the Year 8s will be in the same position in three years time. With this in mind I took the chance last week to wander into the final lessons of their Design Technology carousel. Firstly I must say that I was very impressed to see the students’ final practical pieces. I was able to see some unique patchwork in Textiles as the students were working on their final touches for their pillows. In Resistant Materials I was able to view the final boxes that the students had created. In Graphics the students had the most unique patterns, I know that Ms Burger was incredibly proud of the students’ creative thoughts. Finally in Food and Nutrition I was able to see great joy and enthusiasm as the students treated me to some apple tarts. Overall I felt lucky to see the efforts of the Year 8s with their practical subjects. I was very impressed by their overall engagement in their relevant subject. Well done to our Year 8 Rounders Players. They have had two recent victories, having played against Richmond Upon Thames School last week and Hampton High this week. I was told the students were great ambassadors for the school. Special Mention to Immy R-T and Eve B who were deemed player of the match for these games. As mentioned last week, 8EFR was able to put on an amazing charity event to support Cancer Research. I am proud to announce that they raised over £270 in just one lunchtime. It was encouraging to see so many students selling cakes and supporting the event. Thank you to all the students that played a part in the event: baking, donating, selling and organising.







Year 7/8 Rounders vs Richmond Upon Thames

WON 12.5-6.5


Year 7/8 Rounders vs Hampton High

WON 6.5-2


Raven Winter by Susanna Bailey

I really enjoyed reading this book it’s really interesting and I learnt a lot more about what to do in certain situations. It is really quite emotional but an amazing read. I love how descriptive she is. If you enjoy this book you may also like another one of Susanna’s books, Snow foal.

~ Recommended by Poppy C, 7PUN

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