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Outdoor Resort Palm Springs -The Number One RV Resort in the USA

I would like to welcome back all our Owners that spend their summers elsewhere and the new owners who have decided to become part of our ORPS family! I can assure you that you have made an excellent choice for your winter destination. I would like to thank our General Manager, Ed Vitrano, and his staff for all their hard work preparing our Resort for the start of another wonderful season. Our Resort looks great! This year is going to be one of our most exciting seasons to date. It started with our Halloween Golf Cart Parade and Spooktacular Dance and was quickly followed by a highly successful ‘ Welcome Back ’ Breakfast and Dinner events. The Opening Day Golf Tournament was filled to capacity and Tennis, Cornhole, and Pickleball clubs are in full swing. For the first time since 2019, your Board of Directors and management conducted a highly informative Town Hall meeting which was attended by almost 400 owners. The Lifestyle and Events Staff have been very busy providing entertainment for our enjoyment. Please review our Special Events Calendar which is online at . In addition, remember there will be entertainment at the ES Clubhouse at least three times per week. We are bringing back our volunteer programs, some old and some new. There is no better way to meet new friends here at ORPS, while giving back to our Resort. Please consider signing up – your contribution would be greatly appreciated! You have heard me say many times that I would put Outdoor Resort Palm Springs up against any other Resort I have stayed at anywhere in the country. Our weather here throughout the winter in Southern California is wonderful. No other RV Resort in the Coachella Valley has all the amenities we enjoy. What really makes our Resort special are the people - who not only become friends but also family. I feel truly blessed to be able to spend my winters in such a beautiful, exciting, and friendly Resort. Hopefully, you feel the same way.

The Resort is continuously seeking volunteers! The liveliness of our community is based on the spirit of volunteering. Volunteering gives meaning to the event itself and energizes both the participants and those receiving the benefit of the event. Volunteering creates opportunities for new friendships, the exchange of ideas, and a sense of community. Did you know, last season, the Wednesday Burger/ SINGO night raised over $15,000? Those funds go directly back into the Lifestyle and Events budget. This revenue offsets costs and is another measure that contributes to keeping our HOA dues down. During the 2022 - 2023 season, the Board will be proposing several new events. These events are designed to increase the spirit and sense of community within ORPS. To accomplish these objectives, we need volunteers who not only enjoy volunteering but also seek a sense of community and enjoy helping their neighbors. It is easy and simple to get started. Contact: Abby Lomeli, Communications Coordinator at for the Volunteer Form (yes, you can volunteer and sign up for more than one opportunity!) The chairperson/lead will be in contact with you.

Get ready to have more fun at ORPS! Thanks for your help, and happy volunteering!

John Boudin Board President




Nine Things You Never KnewAbout ORPS Security I got a chance to interview our Security Director Frank Flores about his crew and his mission here at ORPS. These are his answers: How Long have you been at ORPS? About five years now. I came from Sun City Palm Desert. What do you see as the main challenge at ORPS? A lot of it is the number of lots, along with the lack of garage storage. There are bikes, golf clubs, BBQs and other expensive gear left out overnight. This creates some real challenges for discouraging theft. Lock up as best you can, especially bikes as they are easy to sell. Another challenge I take seriously is to train our folks to be polite and courteous, while still staying firm when enforcing the rules. Do you have any messages for our residents? Good things get done when we all pull together. You can call us anytime at the Gatehouse for info or to report something. And this might be much faster and more effective than calling a board member or writing an email of complaint. We can get you the answers fast. How can residents help out the Security Folks? First, SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Residents are our first line of defense, especially against intruders. And think about putting our direct phone number into your phone. It is 760 - 770 - 0065 and it is answered 24 / 7 / 365 days a year. There are always at least 2 people on duty to help you. We ’ re checking each vehicle leaving the resort, so if you send a bike, BBQ, golf cart, or anything else out for repair or donation, give us a call. That way we won ’ t delay those folks trying to leave the resort. And lastly, even though you are coming from a fast - paced world outside, please try and keep your speeds down to 10mph. This may take some getting used to, but it is appreciated by all. Chief, how about some stats? We are averaging about 3 intruders per month, and we hope to get that down. Through a variety of measures, like prox carding out of the Resort, we have cut Golf Cart theft and Bike theft to ZERO this season. We ’ re happy about that! Looking forward to a great year.

I never get tired of saying it . . . Welcome Home, Again!

While I was told by veteran staff and Owners that last season, after the pandemic waned, was like never before . . . then came this season. From less than 100 Owners/Renters in the Resort on October 1 to an estimated 2,000 by November 1, the Resort was busy like never, ever before. A record 410 in attendance for such an early date, the first Singo of the season, proved that enthusiasm was at an all - time high. I took a peek at my column from last April to see what had been promised . . . and am pleased to say that it was delivered. • A $600,000 road project, which completed a badly needed upgrade, involving seal - coating and gutter improvements, came in on time and under budget. • A $60,000 improvement to the Gatehouse, approved by the Board in 2021, was completed. In addition to lighting/painting/cabinets/wiring, a new service window was added to serve Owners and Guests more professionally. Again, the project, as approved by the Board, was under - budget • A long - awaited Dog Park, a $285,000 project, is ready for our furry friends to interact with each other off - leash. Permit delays and subsequent inflation caused some supply - related challenges, but the numbers are not complete. • A less costly but important upgrade is a fix to the pedestrian/bike gate adjacent to the Gatehouse. Please remember to bring your Prox card to re - enter the property and don ’ t defeat the security provided by wedging a rock in the gate to keep it from closing. • La Palma pool deck furniture upgrade, a new bar, and multi - purpose room chairs, among others are smaller projects meant to bring a smile to your face were also completed. • Another project, a Beverage Wall, which will allow Owner “ self - service, ” is well underway and expected to be ready by January 1. Now, adapting to the challenges of service in the surge of the next 30 days is in front of us. As I continue to urge the dedicated team, we should always be on the “ Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. ” While I know that we fall short from time to time, as the sheer numbers and enthusiasm can be daunting, it ’ s not a result of not caring.

Dan Hannah, Safety & Security Chair

Safety and Security is in search of anyone who knows Ham Radio. Please email if you can help! Gatehouse Direct - 760 - 770 - 0065

Again, Welcome Home.

Ed Vitrano General Manager





The Planning Committee (PC) held its first meeting of the season in early November. Sadly, we accepted two resignations from members Carolyn Holland and Ray Sterbens. To kick off our season of work, the PC reviewed some past forms the former PC used for the operation of the committee ’ business. The first form was a Proposal Form. This form is used by organizations, clubs or individual ’ s requesting a project or improvement here in the Resort. The next form was a Prioritization Screening Criteria Form. This form is used by the committee to evaluate proposals put forward to the PC. Both forms are getting fine - tuned by the committee. The Proposal form will be introduced shortly. Projects need to be looked at and coordinated with the Financial Committee to see how they might be funded. The committee also listened to a short presentation by the chair regarding the need for a Strategic Plan necessary for our Resort and the steps to be taken to prepare our Resort to successfully move into the future with a plan. The PC looks forward to once again being an integral part of the Resort, making recommendations to the Board of Directors on short term projects and hopefully some long range ideas that would tie into a Master/ Strategic Plan.

Welcome back to the best RV Resort in the Coachella Valley and one of the best in the United States!

The A&A team has had very busy off - season processing permits so work could proceed during the summer months. The committee approved 105 permits and finalized 89 permits. For the season we finalized 433 permits. As we enter the 2022 - 23 season it is important to remember a few basic rules/guidelines when it comes to making changes and improvements to your lot. Permits are required for all Lot improvements and repairs including, without limitation, the construction, installation, alteration, removal, or remodeling of any walls, privacy screens, trellis fences, landscaping, golf ball screens/netting, antennas, utility lines, structures, installations, and improvements of any kind. A No Fee Permit will be issued for repairs to lot lights, fifth wheel enclosures and stairs, and removal of landscaping materials and hedges. You must submit a Permit Application and pay a $25 fee for all other improve- ments.


So, if you are considering doing some work to your Lot and uncertain about whether it requires a Permit, please contact Julia, our Compliance Officer, for assistance with your Permit application or to request a consultation with members of the A&A Committee. Several rule changes were approved during the off - season related to lights on the Washingtonia palms, non - commercial signs, flags, and banners on your lot, and what vehicles can be parked on your lot in addition to your RV. As Owners, I encourage every one of us to become familiar with the governing documents which can be found on the ORPS.COM webpage. You can find them under the following tabs – MORE, then HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, then GOVERNING DOCUMENTS. If you need assistance accessing the website, please contact the Front Office. There is one specific rule I want to cover in some detail. In October the Board changed the minimum RV length from 24 feet to 26 feet. This change was based on feedback from the non - binding survey from August 2022 along with feedback from the A&A Committee and Owners throughout the resort. One of the main drivers for this decision was the overwhelming concern about the impact of smaller RVs on the overall aesthetics of the Resort.

Michael J Curley Planning Committee Chair

While the Board stands behind this rule change, they want to ensure that most of the Owners agree with this decision. The Board will add this to the ballot along with the election of Board members in March. And if you are an Owner and your RV is less than 26 feet, be sure to register your rig at the Front office since you are grandfathered under the old 24 - foot rule. The committee and I are looking forward to another great season at ORPS. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Finally, thanks to everyone for your efforts to keep ORPS the beautiful Resort we all love and enjoy!

Steve Farley A&A Chair




Welcome to the 2022/2023 season of ORPS Tennis. There are a lot of new and returning events this season. So, get those new court shoes broken in! ORPS last Horse Race was held on Monday 11/7. There were 43 participants. And the winners are ….

The Mixed Ladders will now be known as ORPS Mixed Doubles and be played on Sundays starting in January. It will be a round robin format this season. The Internal League will be known as Team Tennis and be played on Mondays starting in January. A new event called Play & Dine will be held on Friday ’ s at 4:00 at LP. Fun, easy play followed by dinner at La Roma. There will be intermittent clinics with a local CV pro throughout the season. More details to follow as the season progresses. Sparky ’ s weekly Clinics will be resuming as soon as he is feeling a bit better. They will now be on Wednesday ’ s at 10 am at Satellite “ B ”. Our dear friend Gordon Nederveld passed away on October 12, 2022. He was a big part of both the Tennis and Pickleball communities here at ORPS. He was also a former board member. He was always smiling and quite the mischievous character.

Fun was had by all but especially Club officer Julia Buckland, who won $103 dollars in the year ’ s first 50/50 drawing. As I mentioned above, the old race horses are being put out to pasture. Instead, a new event called “ Fritters and Fun ” will be taking its place. Each month will have a different format. The first event in January will be “ Triples ”. All registered players qualify for cash prize drawings. A few other changes for the coming season. Top Gun will now be played only on Thursdays (Both women and men ’ s). There will be an early and later session which will be rotated each week between the men and women.

Gordon will be missed by all the friends he made throughout his wonderful life. RIP, Gord!

Dawn Williams, Tennis Communications




Welcome back Golfers and wannabe Golfers. We hope you enjoyed our Opening Day Tournament. From the photos, it looks like everyone enjoyed what they thought was going to be a 5 - hour game but turned out to be 3 ½ hours. However, after that wonderful Welcome Back breakfast by Chef Jamie and her staff, I just wanted to take a nap. I don ’ t think that helped my golf. But back to business … our thanks to Jackie, Liz and Abby for helping with check ins. All help is welcomed. And of course, we welcome our new Golf Coordinator Lou Eiguren. If you haven ’ t met this gentlemen, please do so. He is very anxious to provide us with a pleasant golf experience. We also want to welcome our new starter Tali, who played golf in college and is presently a field sports reporter for a local news station. With a full staff, we should be on track again, but as in life, we will continue to experience those hiccups. So bear with us, and remember, we ’ re here to have fun. Embrace the changes (and bumps in the road) and just enjoy being here in ORPS. We also want to welcome our two new Committee members, Lydia Delaney and Craig Woods (and his assistant, wife Melodie). Both have been very helpful since the season opener. Remember, if you are interested in joining our committee, please let us know. You can find contact information for the Golf Committee members on the ORPS website or leave your name with Lou at the Starter Shack. We ’ ve got many events scheduled this season. You can find information on upcoming events on ForeTees under the “ Events ” tab, e.g., the String Tournament , Hole in One (for owners and their in - line family only), Sweetheart Tournament , Can/Am , Spring Wine and Nine . Stay alert, we may be adding more along the way. Of course, every Tuesday there ’ s the Fun Scramble and Thursday there ’ s the Best Ball event . Sign up on the ForeTees app. If you have trouble signing up, get help at the Starter Shack. Lastly, the Marshall and Adopt - A - Green Programs are seeking volunteers. The signup sheets are available at the Starter Shack. So from the Golf Committee to you and your family, happy holidays! Submitted by Deanna Joe, Golf Committee Secretary Watch your emails for how to post your scores. Having a handicap is very important for Tuesday and Thursday events. If you don ’ t have a handicap , the starter shack will be happy to assist you in establishing one. For the Club Championship and Can/Am week a handicap will be required.




Welcome to our Geese Patrol Dogs





Hole #


Janice Wald Janice Wald Grace Lyons

10 10 13

2/25/2022 3/08/2022 3/16/2022 3/17/2022 3/18/2022 3/19/2022 3/20/2022 3/24/2022 3/24/2022 3/25/2022 3/25/2022 3/26/2022 3/26/2022 3/27/2022 3/28/2022 3/28/2022 3/31/2022 4/02/2022 4/02/2022 4/03/2022 4/04/2022 4/07/2022 4/18/2022 4/24/2022 4/29/2022


ORPS presently has 5 APPROVED volunteer dogs

to chase the geese. These dogs are well trained and have been selected to participate in the program.

Lew Evans



Pat Hilton

16 10

Tamara Collins

The dogs chase the birds into the water and then returns immediately to their owners. This practice Is in place at many golf courses and is regarded to be safe for the birds. The volunteers are out regularly both on the small 9 and big 18. HOPEFULLY after about two weeks the birds will move on to a safer location. The course is NOT a dog park. Please do not allow your pets on the course at anytime . This is not playtime. Adopt a Green: Volunteers are needed. Everyday or so, an owner steps out on the course and fixes ball divots on their adopted greens. There are many YouTube videos on how to fix a ball mark. The starter shack has some ball mark repair tools for volunteers to use. Water Craft Volunteers: Presently there are volunteers tuning up our watercrafts so we can address the geese/water situation. Unfortunately, geese feces is a problem both on land and in the water. Recycle water from the ponds may contain both sand and feces. This water is used to water our beautiful course and common spaces. Need I say more? In the Air: ORPS is so fortunate to have an owner who is a certified pilot and drone operator. The Drone will be operated within strict guidelines. Flown 10 - 15 feet above the ground when at all possible and not over a persons private space or RV. Thank you for donating your talent and skill. It was amazing to watch this expert volunteer her services. We are looking into a Geese Deterrent System that will protect the health and safety of both the wildlife and Who knew how popular this event would be. This 9 and Wine had been shelved for many years and like a good wine was worth revisiting. Fun was had by all! Next Scheduled is booked for the Spring. Hope to be Bigger and Better. Our golf program is working to develop deals with large courses in the valley. Stay tuned. If you do not have a computer or a smart phone, you may turn your score card into the starter shack to post your to your handicap. Just be sure it has your full name, date and lot number. owners of ORPS. Fall 9 and Wine:

Debra Siler


Nick Paulsen

8 4

Kathy Boustead

Stephen Marsh

13 11 11

Bill McCullough

Nick Paulsen

Mike Ness


Liz Evans


Stan Lindell


Kenneth Hisel


Deb Curle


Gord Blake


Janis Pollock

8 2

Dane Lemmon

Jaime Erickson


Danny Hall


Gord Blake


Michael Moore

12 16

Dave Thomson

The BEST Par 3 COURSE in PALM SPRINGS | Full 18 Hole Course Video log |Visit Outdoor Resort Palm Springs - YouTube




Some dates to remember … ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Quilt Show – Saturday, February 18, 2023 Ladies Luncheon Sponsored by the ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club – Wednesday, March 1, 2023 This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club This club is open to everyone. Please drop in and see us or email us for more information at

We would like to invite you to join us in the West Room Monday through Sunday, from 8AM to 5PM. This group allows us the room and time to work on individual projects, as well as, group projects. The members of this group are friendly and eager to create. We often get together for lunches, potlucks and games. There will certainly be project classes taught by members. We also carpool together to attend the Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, California in January. Group projects help the club to raise money and give resources to the Cathedral City Fire Department first responders and to domestic violence victims at Shelter from the Storm. Each year we create beautiful quilts to be raffled off at the Ladies ’ Luncheon held in March. Working together does make a difference to the families of the Coachella Valley. Introducing this year ’ s charity raffle quilts Chicks with Sticks – Quilted Throw Mulligan – Quilted Throw Kaleidoscope Log Cabin – Quilted King Ticket prices are $5 each or five (5) tickets for $20 Come by the West Room to purchase tickets or watch for a pop - up sales table at ORPS events. The ORPS Quilting & Sewing Group create and donate quilts for children. These quilts are disbursed by first responders to children displaced, injured, and/or traumatized. Your support by purchasing raffle tickets helps us purchase the materials needed to make these quilts. The ORPS Quilters & Sewing Group has chosen Shelter From The Storm as a focused charity. We raise money through the ORPS community by creating quilts for raffles and other items to sell at our quilt show. Due to the generosity of the ORPS community we are able to send the shelter approximately $5,000 annually. The ORPS Quilters & Sewing Group also makes pillow cases for the residents of the shelter. We hope it gives them some comfort as well as something they can keep while traveling a journey of uncertainty. We hope to raise awareness to their needs. Simple items such as, diapers, underwear, bras and cleaning supplies are extremely helpful to the residents of the shelter. They are in need of these items in all sizes. If you would like to assist the shelter by donating any of these needed items, please drop them off at the West Room in El Saguaro during sewing hours, Monday through Sunday, 8AM to 5PM. Please keep in mind, all items must be new.

You can join our Facebook page by searching for: orps quilters & sewing club Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter0

Laura Moore, Lot 646 ORPS Quilters & Sewing Club Reporter




WELCOME TO THE 2022 - 2023 SEASON! These next five months promise great pickleball, fabulous camaraderie, and FUN, FUN, FUN! So much to look forward to!!


ORPS was proudly represented by Barrie Hill; Margaret Van Veen - Hill, Mindy Feldman, and Jennifer Corbin.


VICE CHAIR : Gary Oedekerk; SECRETARY : Colleen Iwanicka; TREASURER : Kyle Ahrberg;

Congratulations to Barrie and his partner Terry on the

EVENTS COORDINATOR : Sue Anderson; AMBASSADOR COORDINATOR : Karen Schaper VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO SUPPORT OUR PICKLEBALL CLUB Please consider offering your time to help a) in the kitchen on Monday hot dog nights; Wednesday burger nights or Friday taco nights; b) with court cleaning starting December 4; c) as white board managers; and d) tournament assistants. Ask how you can contribute! PLEASE REMEMBER: • Please do not place bags and belongings on chairs in the breezeway and take everything [clothes, water bottles, sunglasses] with you when you leave! • The only balls that are permitted on the courts are the Onix Recruit Pure and the Monarch . • All paddles must be on the approved paddle list which is posted on Track - it - Hub. • New balls must remain on the court for subsequent players to use–please don ’ t take them with you. • White boards will be used when courts are busy. • Players are not permitted to remain on the court if other players are waiting in the breezeway. • Play times are between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM daily. • Courts are scheduled to be cleaned on Sunday Dec 4. • Next pickleball meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2023. • Sleeves of Onix balls [3] are available for $10.

GOLD Medal win! Fabulous! PICKLEBALL SCHEDULES Courts 1 - 4 are reserved every morning for entry - level players. Court 7 is designated as a challenge court starting at 9AM every morning. Women ’ s round robin play , organized by the lovely Jeannie Unverzagt, is Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays (1 - 3 PM). Lessons and drills are Tuesday and Thursdays (2 - 4 PM) starting November 15 (cancelled due to Thanksgiving). Shoot - outs occur every Wednesday morning and require registration through Track - it - Hub at a cost of $1.98/month. SAVE THE DATE!!! December 2 , 2022 – Ugly Sweater Mixed - doubles Tournament and Ugly Sweater Christmas party [band is NO CHANGE] at ES! Sign - ups for playing will be November 28 and 29 at the courts with Kathy Oedekerk between 8 and 9AM.


Sadly, our dear pickleball friend Gord Nederveld passed away recently. The courts won ’ t be the same without his fabulous smile and generous hugs. We will all feel the absence of his wonderful soul. Love to his wife, Marge and family.

Submitted by Lynn Barry, Pickleball Public Relations Lynn Barry, Pickleball Communications




Continental Tires for your RV and your tow vehicle and ALL vehicles that you own. • Subscription to monthly magazine: “ Family Rving ” • Discounts on Roadside Assistance Plans (for break - downs). • Discounts on RV & private Auto insurance policies. • Exclusive offer for Wi - Fi plan. • Discounts from RV Tours Companies. NOTE: All of the above benefits cover you wherever you are, whether you are traveling with or without your RV. It covers you when you travel in foreign countries (except in War - torn countries) or are traveling on a cruise. Costs: Annual dues to National FMCA are $50 per year (+$10 first year initiation fee).Go to to become a National FMCA member.ORPS Chapter FMCA Annual dues are $25 per year and a $12 badge for each new person.

ORPS Family Motor Coach Association, Life is Better With Friends, Especially our ORPS FMCA Friends


Canadian residences are eligible to join FMCA . You will find local chapter membership applications in both Clubhouses in our wall displays. Please sign up first at to get your national FMCA ID number. Please direct comments or questions to: Chapter Secretary Ken Hearn Lot 835

Membership in the National FMCA is required for membership in our local chapter FMCA ORPS.

FMCA National membership is open to all RVers, Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Vans or Truck Campers. as well as commercial businesses that support the RV world. Even owners of permanent rigs can join. Welcome new members Neil & Manny Ramsbottom Lot 1092, Michael & Jill Ainscow Lot 1171, Stephen & Lisa Ornellas Lot 327, Jeff Sheldon & Ty Rollins Lot 2, Jack & Sue Scardina, Lot 762, Gary & Bev Holliday Lot 656, Richard & Pam Orr Lot 722, Randy & Debbie Price Lot 118, Kyle & Roiann Ahrberg Lot 645, Dan & Debi Vodvarkn Lot 1014.

FMCA & Pickleball Chapters sponsors Santa for a Senior Program Friday, December 2, 2022 Ugly Sweater Party Friday, December 9, 2022 Shopping for Gifts ( noon) Thursday, Dec. 15. 6PM Stuffing Gift Bags Wednesday, Dec. 21. Delivering and Distribution of Gifts Sue Strauss Lot #632 Cell # (518) 368 - 8084 E - mail: Upcoming FMCA Events Calendar events • Dec 13 :Tuesday 4 - 6PM A Christmas Tea and Cookie Party ES Owners Lounge • Jan 8: Sunday 11:30 - 3 PM Opening Day El Dorado Polo Club Tailgate Party

FMCA National Benefits

• FMCAssist Medical Emergency & Travel Assistance Program: • If you are 75 miles or more away from your home - base, in the case of a medical emergency or death, this program will provide a professional driver to transport your RV back to your home - base for FREE. (If you are a Full - Timer...there are no “ mileage ” restrictions from a home base – your RV will be transported from anywhere). This benefit will also transport the incapacitated driver and partner/spouse back to home - base for free; as well as any pets that you may have. In the case of Death, the remains will be transported back to home - base for free. • Tires: Reduced prices on Michelin, GoodYear or





All - Play at 2PM - 3:30PM, East Room of LP Clubhouse. Wednesdays: All - Play at 2PM - 3:30PM. Everyone is encouraged to attend All - Play . The first Crew performance, Holiday Sing - along, is Saturday, December 3, 2PM - 3:30PM. Whether you join our Crew or just want to be in the audience, mark your calendar. The Crew will be entertaining at VillageFest, Thursday night Palm Springs street fair, on February 16 .

Maybe you have a hobby or participate in a sport and spend hours enjoying your interest. It ’ s fun to chat with others who share your passion. Have you ever wanted to know who in the “ celebrity ” world shares your interest. For many ORPS owners and guests, playing the ukulele with The Ukulele Crew is their season ’ s excitement. While traveling across the country last summer, my husband and I stopped at the Jimmy Carter Museum and Library in Atlanta, Georgia. We were very surprised to learn that the former president had played the ukulele, which was the only instrument he ever learned and his wife Rosalynn, "was the best hula dancer among all the Navy wives". Speaking of musical presidents, guess which one also played the uke. It should come as no surprise since Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but it is still neat to know that a former president enjoyed this adorable and fun instrument. While we ’ re on the subject of American royalty, it ’ s the King of Rock ‘ n Roll Elvis Presley, who also played and many may remember him strumming away in the movie “ Blue Hawaii. ” His song “ Can ’ t Help Falling in Love ” is a popular ukulele cover to this day. Although she may not be the Queen of music to all, Taylor Swift, who has recently dominated the Billboard music charts is another ukulele player. This should come as no surprise given her musicality and songwriting skills. While the ukulele is not her instrument of choice, she does play the it on tour. She has inspires another generation to try strumming. One of the most famous musicians to harbor a deep love for the instrument was George Harrison, that guy in The Beatles. He was not just into rock ‘ n roll, he was also a ukulele player, and he loved the instrument. He felt that everyone should learn and play the uke because of its ease of use and it ’ s fun, light - hearted sound. After his death in 2001, Paul McCartney, his former bandmate, has played the ukulele to honor his friend. Playing with others can raise your spirits and take you to the moon. Speaking of the moon, Neil Armstrong, the astronaut, played the ukulele. There are now famous photos of Neil casually strumming his ukulele while in quarantine after the moon landing. So are you ready to start playing yourself? Does anyone on this list surprise you or inspire you? Are you feeling motivated to get your hands on a ukulele?

For more information:, #363.

It ’ s time to join The Ukulele Crew at ORPS, Saturdays : beginning class at 1PM - 1:55PM.





Chavalla ’ s Health Corner:

Fun facts: Having trouble focusing in the afternoon? When u feel your energy start to dip, it is recommended sipping a cup of peppermint tea for an instant hit of peo- ple, then savor a square of dark chocolate to stay fo- cused for hours! How it works: The aroma of pep- permint stimulates the alertness center of the brain, an effect that can increase energy by 23% in 2 minutes. Meanwhile, dark chocolate is rich in compound called theobromine that kick - starts the production of the focus - boosting hormone dopamine. The payoff: Researchers have found that theobromine improves mental energy

Lots of folk spell Christmas without Christ; the glory of Holy Day supplanted by the glitz of a holiday. This goes back to the days of St. Francis of Assisi, who was born in 1182 in Italy. Attending church one Sunday, he was overwhelmed by words being read from Matthew 10, challenging him to serve Christ, by serving the p oor, healing the sick, and taking no money for doing so. He felt Christ speaking to him personally and spent the rest of his life doing so. It was as if he were put in the shoes of the war faring original apostles themselves. He spent his life making Christ real to everyone. He created history ’ s first living NATIVITY SCENE in 1223. He found a cave and brought animals like those at the manger scene and crowds gathered on Christmas eve. Today living Christmas programs feature animals, just as when Assisi started the wonderful tradition. He loved animals and some times even preached to them. We have that opportunity this season. He preached the fact of God being made man. "Behold your God ” he said. "Born a poor and helpless child. Your God is of your flesh. ” That was a big step for the people of Italy, learning how to spell CHRISTmas. An angel appeared to Mary saying; "don't be afraid. I have good news for you. The Saviour is born!! ” This Christmas we celebrate the fact of that Good News. Jesus Christ is born.

and focus for up to two - and - a - half - hours to get you through that afternoon slump

Chavalla Bassham Health & Fitness Chair


Hope to see you in Chapel at 8:50 any Sunday morning. We serve coffee and donuts after the service.

Jim Gwinn, Chaplain 847 - 445 - 0077













69411 Ramon Road Cathedral City, California 92234


760 - 328 - 3834

AGUIRRE'S PROPANE 760 342 1645




244 242

ALL PRO 951 906 5200

Accounting Front Desk


BBQ ISLANDS 909 735 5009

Operations 262 Community Standards 246 Gate/Security 260 LA PALMA CLUBHOUSE Maintenance Dispatch 293 Communications 252 A1 Store 254 Mailroom 255 La Roma 256 EL SAGUARO CLUBHOUSE Lifestyle Director 270 Lifestyle Coordinator 271 Mailroom 272 Lifestyle Supervisor 277 GOLF SHACK Attendant 280 Lupe ’ s Beauty Salon


JORGE ’ S LANDSCAPE 760 443 3672

MIA ’ S DESIGNS 760 288 1830


SHADEMAKER INC 951 654 0841

760 - 328 - 0007


Abby Lomeli & Eva Norcross




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