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By Brendan

Physical Therapy has demonstrated success time and time again as seen in the countless testimonials of the people who come through our doors at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West. When it comes to providing our patients with the best support through and after recovery, we have been thinking about a continuing therapeutic practice that our patients can take part in after they are discharged. Would it surprise you that Yoga is the best self-care practice someone can have after rehabilitation? Well, we believe so. Yoga has its roots in the ancient far-east and yet it is as active and alive today as it ever has been. Simply put, yoga is an exercise that pairs the movement of the body with the breath. A teacher leads the class through poses that warm up and work out all the muscles of the body. It teaches mindfully being aware of balance, posture and learning what parts of the body are more open than others. After a gentle workout with focus on steady inhale and exhale, you will feel relaxed. You will feel the “yoga-glow” that will last all day. Endorphins will be flowing and you will feel better in your entire body. The best part, is one beginner class will give you the tools to practice yoga on your own. A simple 10-minute

yoga session every day can relieve stress, anxiety, and body discomfort. Some people say “I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga,” but that is the point - yoga will help you become flexible! And so much more. Keep an eye out for our Yoga classes coming soon!!

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