ORACLE April 2020

GENERAL MANAGER Wow . .. how time flies . .. especially when one is enjoying oneself! That’s it in a nutshell as to my first 60 days at Outdoor Resort Palm Springs. Your warm welcomes, smiles and waves, but most im- portant, your directions when I was

I know we say this every year, but wow did this season go fast! This was a year of some pretty significant changes. Not the least of which was our General Manager, Clint Atherton, leaving the resort for another opportunity. We then brought in Ed Vitrano as an interim General Manager and hired him as the permanent replacement for Clint. Not to mention we have two new Board members. Welcome Ed, Mike and Bob! I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Dede for four years of dedicated service to the ORPS community. Also, a big thanks to MaryEllen for stepping in to fill the vacancy created by a resignation of a Board Director. Finally, thanks to Ted Wilson for his 5 years of dedicated service on the Board of Directors and Chair of the A&A Committee. With all that we did accomplish this season, there is much more to do. This summer we will be working on updating the Administrative Policies and Procedures, along with working with Ed and his staff to make sure the resort is fully ready for the next season. Including insuring that all of the maintenance issues identified this season are resolved; the kitchen is fully functional, and new laundry equipment installed. So, for now, I say goodbye and I look forward to seeing you all next season. Take care and safe travels.

lost, has been most appreciated! To say the 60 days has been busy is an understatement. Reshaping the budget, organizing and attending Board meetings & hearings have dominated my time and energy but will slow down as I get more familiar with the rhythms of the community. I have met with senior staff both individually and collectively and had an all-hands meeting, which we will do three times a year, to set expectations for the immediate future. I don’t know if you are aware but the tenure ranges from 2.5 weeks to 30 years . . . an impressive range of experience. I found that the team is energetic and willing to fulfill my philosophy of “Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” We live in unique times. With the pandemic we are facing, members are leaving the Resort sooner than in the past and this article might find you already on the road or at your “alternate” home. I hope your trip went well. We’ll be busy this summer getting ready for the next season. I trust when you return to your oasis in the fall/winter that you will find the property refreshed and glistening just as I hope you are. Until then, safe travels Ladies and Gentlemen. Edwin J. Vitrano, GM

Greg Farmer Board President







Tuesday, APRIL 7

1:00 PM

ES Ballroom

Health & Fitness

Tuesday, APRIL 7 Saturday, APRIL 4

10:30 AM 9:00 AM

Multipurpose Room La Palma Ballroom


VISION STATEMENT We strive to be a premier RV Resort with excellent facilities, amenities and activities creating a positive social culture for all.


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