ORACLE April 2020


PLANNING COMMITTEE For the Planning Committee, the 2019-2020 season was a time of transition and less hectic than past seasons. The main reasons for this were the merger of the

A Message from Your Management Team A few simple preparations will help keep your lot free of problems over the summer: 1. Summer temperatures and irrigation trigger rapid growth of weeds and hedges. Ask your landscaper to give your hedges an extra trim right now before you leave. Ask them to monitor your lot over the summer. 2. Group your patio items closely together and cover with Sunbrella or other high-quality furniture covers. Blue tarps from Harbor Freight and Home Depot decompose rapidly in the summer sun and are not reliable. Replace older covers that may rip during high summer winds. 3. Please be reminded that RV covers are limited from March 15 to November 15. 4. Carefully lock RV compartments and dog houses. Secure any bicycles. 5. Do not turn off the breaker that controls your front lot light. Edison charges everyone a minimum monthly fee that covers the cost of the light. 6. Be sure your address, phone and email address is updated with the Association office. 7. We wish you a safe and carefree summer. You are welcome to call the contacts below at any time and request a security and/or compliance check of your lot.

Strategic Planning and Facilities Planning Committees and the commencement of a Strategic Planning process. Having said that, the Committee did develop a couple of smaller projects at the Board’s direction. The dissolution of the two Committees and the formation of the Planning Committee and new Charter were approved at the December 16 Board meeting. There was also a change in leadership, as Chair Doug Folsom resigned in December and a new Chair (myself) and Secretary (Carolyn Candler) were elected. In addition, four new members were appointed to the Committee: Michael Curley, Paul Haberman, Brenda King and Bob Livingston. The Planning Committee developed a new Mission, Vision and Core Values that better reflect the future of the resort and to help guide its management. These were adopted by the Board at the February 27 meeting. The Committee also provided feedback to the Board regarding the membership survey that was distributed on March 6. In January the Board directed the Committee to provide information on two smaller projects: 1) To work with the General Manager for the development of an RFP to remove the existing grass around the west, south and east sides of the Pickleball and Tennis Courts and replace it with pet friendly materials such as decomposed granite (DG) and to replace the grass in the dog area near the Security shack with DG. 2) With assistance from the GM, develop a budget and plan to create a Tennis Center Meeting Area at the La Palma Tennis Courts. Both projects were presented and approved at the March 9 Board meeting. Many thanks to all Committee members – Carolyn Candler, Secretary, Michael Curley, Alice Heuple, Vice Chair, Paul Haberman, Brenda King, Bob Livingston, Sheryl Nelson, Dan O’Melia and Debbie Smith for their enthusiasm and efforts this season. As always, all owners are welcome to attend any Planning Committee meeting to provide your ideas, suggestions and thoughts. Our Committee is dedicated to doing the work that is in the best interest of the resort as we continue to strive to be a premier RV resort. Kathy McCune Chair

Frank Flores -Security Chief 760.328.3834 ext. 265

Julia Miramontes -Community Standards Coordinator 760.328.3834 ext. 246


In March the committee worked through several versions of the budget culminating in the joint Board Finance Committee review meeting before the Board meeting on March 23 where the budget was presented for approval. Thank you to all of the committee members during the

year: Howard Berman, Dave Crosswhite, Bill Dietrich, Doug Folsom, Larry Fredella, Doug German, Dave Mueller and Tony Pisto. We had good discussions and broadened our perspectives as we listened to each other. Have a good summer. See you in the fall! Gail Pollock Chair


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