ORACLE April 2020




Hole # First

Diana Welt Lew Evans

19-Nov-19 14-Feb-20 15-Feb-20 17-Feb-20 19-Feb-20 13-Feb-20 23-Feb-20 24-Feb-20 24-Feb-20 25-Feb-20 4-Mar-20 4-Mar-20 9-Mar-20 13-Mar-20 14-Mar-20 16-Mar-20

12 11 17

Yes Yes

Donald Rowean Guy Braconnier



Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes no No

Pete Greco


Brock Leitner Norine Hayduk John Wilhelm

9 1 8

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy golfing together and making new golf acquaintances during the season. Seeing golfers having fun is the reward for the members of the committee. We look forward to making more fun next year

Darlene McTaggart Betty McCullough


8 6

Dave Voth

Dennis Morehen Simone Lapointe Rod Hogevoll

10 10 18

Thank you to Brenda Goorts, Michelle Moore, Glenda Edwardson and Gail Pollock for your service on the committee. Your passion to support golf

Jane Dube Greg Rose



at the resort is acknowledged and appreciated. Hal Mortenson and Mike Schnarr are carrying on with their second year on the committee. Two additional men and four women will be named to the committee in time for next season. MEN’S CHAMP IS STEPHEN ORNELLAS WOMEN’S CHAMP IS TRISH HALL . BOTH ARE REPEAT CHAMPIONS FROM 2019! B flight winners Fred Hyde & Lori Peterson, and C flight winners John Mullins & Susan Newman. Congratulations to all.

Here’s a few of our HIO Lucky golfers caught on camera … Ken Yochim, Christine Anderson, Betty McCullough, Duane Schram

Since late spring of 2019, 68 Holes In One (HIO) have been reported to the golf committee. Twenty five of those were first HIOs for those players at the resort. Thirty six bag tags were ordered and 19 perpetual plaques were placed on the large plaques in the pool room. Six players chose to engrave a subsequent HIO on an existing bag tag. If you achieve a HIO after the middle of March, please save your scorecard until next fall and the new committee will take care of reporting and ordering. Congratulations to all the "lucky" golfers this year. See you in the fall when maybe you can share the luck??? Golf in the Fall Preliminary discussions in golf meetings in March 2020 identified some potential new events and changes to existing games so next year could be very exciting. Plan to join us then.

Registration for the club championships in golf was slightly higher than in 2019 and 75 players completed the two day event (shortened due to the rain March 12). The rough was as challenging as it has been all winter and the greens had a lovely, quick pace. Well done to everyone who signed up and tested their golf skills under pressure.


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