SaskEnergy 2022-23 Sustainability Report

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SaskEnergy delivers the energy that Saskatchewan’s residents, businesses and industries need to live, work and succeed. We support Saskatchewan’s economy as we provide reliable energy and competitive rates to our customers.

Whether it’s community grants and sponsorships, local procurement, public education, or engagement with stakeholders and Indigenous groups, investing in our communities and creating meaningful relationships are key to our success. At the same time, safety is at the core of everything we do, and we are committed to our personal safety, the safety of our team and the public. Safety is at the core of everything we do The safety of the people who live and work near our gas lines and infrastructure is of the utmost importance, which is why we apply our safety programming to all aspects of our gas lines and facilities — from design and construction to operation and maintenance. We support public safety through several customer-focused programs, including advertising, odour awareness and damage prevention messaging. Carbon monoxide (CO) awareness is also a focus in the safe use of combustible fuels, including natural gas. Each year, SaskEnergy Service Technicians distribute hundreds of CO alarms while serving customers at residences throughout the province. We also have both an online and in-person first responder training package so those who may arrive first at natural gas emergencies have the information they need to be prepared and keep themselves, and the public, safe.

A focus on system safety In 2022-23, we invested $92 million on system integrity and reliability initiatives. SaskEnergy’s service upgrade program, which has been in place since 2011, is our largest program with respect to budget and risk reduction. Through the program, areas where our natural gas infrastructure requires updating are identified and upgrade plans are put in place. The program focuses on upgrading service tee connections, which are used to connect gas mains to residences and commercial buildings. These connections — many of which were installed as far back as the 1950s — are more susceptible to leaks. By upgrading the connections to today’s standards, the safety and reliability of our natural gas system is enhanced and our emissions from operations are reduced. Nearly 2,600 service upgrades were completed in 2022-23, occurring primarily in Regina and Saskatoon. SaskEnergy also runs an annual leak survey program to maintain public safety and the safety of our system. Surveys occur by foot, by vehicle and aerially, and both above- and below-ground assets are inspected. In addition to identifying and mitigating any potential leaks, we also use the surveys as an opportunity to find any damaged signs, inactive service risers or encroachments. Through improvements to our leak survey process, and as technology has advanced, the percentage of leaks found through our survey program has increased to 90 per cent, which has greatly reduced the number of odour calls from customers. More than 23,000 kilometres of gas lines were surveyed in 2022-23.

8.7 out of 10 rating for "SaskEnergy places a high priority on safety" in our 2022-23 customer satisfaction survey

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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