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Responding to customer safety calls Each year, SaskEnergy responds to more than 14,000 safety service calls from customers, and we provide 24/7 response capabilities throughout the communities we serve. Our target is to be on-site within 60 minutes of a customer call, more than 80 per cent of the time. This target was exceeded in 2022-23, with 85 per cent of safety service calls responded to in less than 60 minutes and an average response time of 38 minutes. Emergency preparedness SaskEnergy regularly collaborates with industry associations, Crown corporations, provincial regulatory bodies, first response agencies and other natural gas utilities across Canada to incorporate leading safety practices and technology in our operations. In the rare occasion that an emergency does occur, we have a robust emergency response program to protect employees, the public, and the environment. In 2022-23, SaskEnergy conducted a full-scale mock exercise to practice our readiness to respond to a natural gas emergency situation. The exercise involved 40 SaskEnergy employees and 12 external participants from organizations such as the RCMP national critical infrastructure unit, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, Canada Energy Regulator, Public Safety Canada, as well as emergency responders. While exercises like this show that there are always opportunities to fine tune and improve processes, the mock emergency was considered an overwhelming success as employees performed well and demonstrated the behaviours that would be expected of them in a real-life scenario.

SaskEnergy employees, along with participants from organizations such as local fire departments, took part in a full-scale mock emergency exercise in May 2022.

Each year, we hold tabletop exercises to provide our employees with the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. These exercises generally follow a risk-based approach and focus on potential internal or industry incidents. In 2022-23, SaskEnergy employees participated in 73 tabletop exercises in 28 locations throughout the province. The information shared during the exercises assists our employees in being able to better respond to actual incidents, should they arise. Energy that Saskatchewan can rely on With service that is 99.9998 per cent reliable, SaskEnergy supplies Saskatchewan with critical energy that can be counted on year-round, even during some of the country’s most extreme cold weather. Through our nearly 88,000-kilometre underground gas line network that is designed for safety and reliability, service disruptions to our customers are rare. The amount of energy that we deliver throughout the province is greater than the amount of energy provided through any other means. Natural gas is used to generate more electricity in Saskatchewan than any other energy source, which is helping to reduce the carbon intensity of the electricity generation mix and the dependency on conventional coal. In addition, natural gas supports the growth of renewable energy as a backup for wind and solar. Many customers not only rely on natural gas as a primary heating source, but as an emergency backstop for power generation during electrical outages.

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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