SaskEnergy 2022-23 Sustainability Report

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Pillar three: People

Providing a fulfilling and rewarding employee experience SaskEnergy is committed to providing an employee experience that will attract, retain and engage the people who drive our success. A positive corporate culture, supportive managers, trust in leadership and opportunities to perform meaningful work are some of the key factors of employee experience. Every two years, SaskEnergy conducts a formal corporate employee engagement survey to understand employee perceptions of SaskEnergy’s work environment, career development, culture and company vision. While our most recent survey, conducted in March 2023, placed us below the public sector average of 70 per cent, we will continue to focus on key drivers of employee engagement, including organizational culture, growth and development, senior leadership and organizational vision.

While there is work to do to enhance employee engagement, we are proud to be named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2023, along with recognition of being one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers. Published annually by Mediacorp Canada Inc. since 2000, Canada’s Top 100 Employers is an editorial competition that recognizes the nation’s best places to work. Our maternity and paternity leave options, along with our defined contribution pension plan and hybrid remote work policy, were some of the driving factors cited by the judges in their decision to recognize SaskEnergy.

“In addition to the great things the Top 100 judges saw in SaskEnergy, I'd like to recognize the role of our employees in making our company a great place to work. Throughout SaskEnergy's 34 years as a company, our people have always been cited as a top reason for working here." – Mark Guillet, SaskEnergy President and CEO

Employee growth and development SaskEnergy fosters an environment that enables personal and professional development. Our learning and development strategy is designed to assist employees in building their skills while increasing our ability to respond to the changing business environment. We promote a development framework comprised of on-the-job learning, learning through interaction and collaboration, and formal learning. Each year, we provide more than 500 training sessions to our employees — ranging from technical assessments and compliance training to hands-on field training and coaching skills development — and in 2022-23, employees received an average of 38 hours of training each. SaskEnergy launched a new program to enhance personal development and build leadership skills in employees from all levels of the company. The program, which focuses on emotional intelligence, supports succession planning and strengthens leadership at all levels. We also developed and introduced a manager development program to enhance leadership capabilities and create organizational alignment among our leadership team. In-person and virtual sessions are held regularly throughout the year for all employee supervisors with topics ranging from expectations of managers to values-based leadership and the role of managers in employee engagement and retention. To support the goals of our learning and development strategy, all SaskEnergy employees also have access to LinkedIn Learning, which provides training on various topics such as leadership, business software and tools, customer service, professional development, and project management. Since LinkedIn Learning was introduced last year, our employees have completed more than 1,000 learning courses and 23,000 learning videos.

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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