SaskEnergy 2022-23 Sustainability Report

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Virtual Reality Takes Fire Safety Training to the Next Level A hands-on piece of technology is helping to prepare our employees in case they ever have to fight a fire. Using a virtual reality (VR) headset and a non-active fire extinguisher, employees can practice the proper method of using a fire extinguisher in simulated environments such as a garage, shop, kitchen, warehouse or office space. The simulation guides the user through the motions of pulling the extinguisher’s pin and squeezing the handle. A VR controller mounted on the extinguisher’s hose tells the simulation where it is being pointed. This is SaskEnergy’s first time using VR for training and it’s proving to be a valuable tool as it can simulate dangerous situations without putting our employees in harm’s way. “The training is very realistic. It tasks the user with fighting the fire from different angles and getting around objects to extinguish the flames. It does a very good job of simulating how an actual fire behaves,” says Nick Anderson, Leader, Organizational Development. While fires are not a regular occurrence at SaskEnergy, field personnel are equipped with fire extinguishers as a precautionary measure.

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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