APEGA 2020 Annual Report

CAREER SERVICES We support our professional members with free and low-cost career planning and management resources so they can keep their skills and knowledge current and meet their mandatory continuing education requirements.

Many of our in-person professional development opportunities shifted online in 2020. This enabled members-in-training, professional members, and unemployed members to continue learning remotely. Going virtual also allowed us to engage with more members across the province. Professional Development Webinars covered a wide range of career development, employment, and regulatory topics—everything from résumé writing and public speaking to APEGA registration requirements and using digital signatures. Our two most well-attended webinars were hosted by APEGA’s Edmonton and Calgary branches, respectively, attracting participants from across Alberta.

Our inaugural Emerging Professionals Summit brought members-in-training, engineering and geoscience university students, and professional members together for a one- day virtual conference. A customized online platform allowed interactive learning in areas like workplace communication, networking, and personal branding. 111 attendees 81 volunteers +

members signed in for astronaut DR. ROBERT THIRSK ’s presentation 3,000 Orbits – Life Aboard the International Space Station 556 members signed in for Quirks & Quarks radio host BOB MCDONALD ’s presentation Being There: Science as I’ve Seen It 497

53 M.I.T.s

43 university students

15 professional members



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