APEGA 2020 Annual Report

Mentoring APEGA’s mentoring program brings together engineering and geoscience professionals at different stages in their careers. To increase mentor participation, we introduced a simplified registration process, making it easier for members to join the program and start connecting with potential mentees. Eligible members who apply are now enrolled immediately, rather than going through a lengthy orientation process. Interest in the program is growing, with more mentees signing up and more mentoring matches being made through our online database. Mentors and mentees stayed in touch virtually in 2020—on the phone, by text or email, through social media, or via video conferencing.

APEGA’s 10 branches held 35 events in 2020, including 19 webinars, and engaged 5,066 members. That is a 195 per cent increase compared to last year, when 47 branch events reached 2,595 members . Our Lakeland Branch, which includes the communities of Bonnyville and Cold Lake, hosted a Foundations of Investing professional development session online. It logged a record attendance of 160 people—more people than the branch has members.

41 total professional development sessions (in-person and webinars) 28 total professional development webinars (during the pandemic) 3,289 total participants in professional development sessions




New mentee registrations New mentor registrations Total newmatches








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