APEGA 2020 Annual Report

1,013 2020 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: 42,250 TOTAL HOURS: Board of Examiners volunteers averaged 200 to review licensure applications hours each 437 statutory board volunteers averaged a time commitment of approximately 92 hours each

It’s corny, but it warms my heart to know I’m making a difference.” — NANNETTE HO-COVERNTON, P.ENG., APEGA Outreach and Summit Awards Committee volunteer

Serving on the organization that governs us is an important service to both the professions and the public. It’s part and parcel of our Code of Ethics: We’re here to serve the public.” — JOHN NICOLL, P.ENG., APEGA Discipline Committee volunteer

If APEGA volunteers were paid $30 it would cost APEGA approximately $1,267,500 per hour,



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