Cronin Law Firm -April/May 2020


By now, everyone knows about the coronavirus or COVID-19, which was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. In less than two months from the date the first infection was reported in the United States, the virus has resulted in significant changes to our daily lives. Michigan schools have closed; colleges have either sent their students home or resorted to online teaching; all professional collegiate sporting events have been canceled; the summer Olympic games have been postponed indefinitely; and food and other staples are becoming difficult to find. The list goes on and on. Because of this rapidly spreading and dangerous virus, the executive office of the governor has issued the State of Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. Considering this time in our state, nation, and world is so unprecedented, we are all fearful of the unknown. We do not know what may come of this or how long it will last. We are concerned about our health and the health of our loved ones. We are concerned about our finances and job security. One thing you do not have to worry about, though, is being alone. We are all in this together. As tragic as this pandemic is, we are facing it head-on as a community — and we at The Cronin Law Firm care deeply about our community. Considering this is a constantly evolving situation, we have dedicated this issue of our newsletter to assist you in making appropriate decisions about your personal and business health

as well as to offer legal-risk mitigation in these trying times. Our country has weathered many toilsome and trying seasons in its history, whether in times of war, social unrest, economic upset, or public health crises, and together, we will get through this critical time. We are constantly monitoring the situation, reviewing the changing legal landscape, and offering sound guidance on what steps you can take and what legal safeguards you should have in place. Please feel free to contact our team should you have any questions about your legal rights and obligations or if we can assist you in any way during these trying times. This is a tumultuous time in our history, but we will persevere. Although no one is sure how long this pandemic will last, we know with certainty, this too shall pass. In these tough and trying times, we will ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of. We are here for you, no matter the reason and no matter the season. You can be confident our firm remains steadfast at helping you and providing you the peace of mind you need, at any time and especially now. Stay home, stay safe, and feel secure knowing we are here for you! On behalf of all of us at The Cronin Law Firm, I wish you the very best, always.

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