2017-2018 Annual Report "The Flame"


Dear Levine Community, We like to look at school progress as a matter of constant evolution. We are therefore happy to communicate that Ann & Nate Levine Academy continued to vigorously evolve and advance along its continuum of excellence during the 2017-2018 school year. This can be seen in everything from our students’ ERB scores, exceeding the independent school norms in 22 of 35 categories; in high school and college placement; and the continued professional development of our staff. This is possible because of you—our committed families and friends— so our sincerest thank you for enabling our constant improvement and evolution. Keeping our “eye on the prize,” our school’s Mission Statement, is always the chief collaborative focus of our administrative leadership team, our faculty, and our Board of Trustees. In fact, our Board reviews, updates, and affirms our mission statement periodically, and in April of 2018, the Board unanimously passed our new mission statement: ANN & NATE LEVINE ACADEMY IS AN INCLUSIVE, DYNAMIC, JEWISH DAY SCHOOL WHICH FOSTERS CREATIVITY, CRITICAL THINKING, AND JEWISH VALUES WHILE EMPOWERING ITS STUDENTS WITH MORAL CHARACTER, SELF-CONFIDENCE AND INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY.

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