Kent Police Head of Estates - Behaviours

Behaviours: Analyse Critically (Level 3)

I balance risks, costs and benefits associated with decisions, thinking about the wider impact and how actions are seen in that context. I think through 'what if' scenarios. I use discretion wisely in making decisions, knowing when the 'tried and tested' is not always the most appropriate and being willing to challenge the status quo when beneficial. I seek to identify the key reasons or incidents behind issues, even in ambiguous or unclear situations. I use my knowledge of the wider external environment and long-term situations to inform effective decision making. I acknowledge that some decisions may represent a significant change. I think about the best way to introduce such decisions and win support. Collaborative (Level 3) I am politically aware and I understand formal and informal politics at the national level and what this means for our partners. This allows me to create long-term links and work effectively within decision-making structures. I remove practical barriers to collaboration to enable others to take practical steps in building relationships outside the organisation and in other sectors (public, not for profit, and private). I take the lead in partnerships when appropriate and set the way in which partner organisations from all sectors interact with the police. This allows the police to play a major role in the delivery of services to communities. I create an environment where partnership working flourishes and creates tangible benefits for all. Deliver, Support and Inspire (Level 3) I challenge myself and others to bear in mind the police service's vision to provide the best possible service in every decision made. I communicate how the overall vision links to specific plans and objectives so that people are motivated and clearly understand our goals. I ensure that everyone understands their role in helping the police service to achieve this vision. I anticipate and identify organisational barriers that stop the police service from meeting its goals, by putting in place contingencies or removing these. I monitor changes in the external environment, taking actions to influence where possible to ensure positive outcomes. I demonstrate long-term strategic thinking, going beyond personal goals and considering how the police service operates in the broader societal and economic environment. I ensure that my decisions balance the needs of my own force/unit with those of the wider police service and external partners. I motivate and inspire others to deliver challenging goals.

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