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Good food, good music, and good times at the festivals

Foire Gourmande. The singer-songwriter from Saint-Albert released her first album this past April. Joining Ouimet, as part of the live enter- tainment portion of the food festival, is co- median/impersonator Maxime Carrière.The Hawkesbury-born entertainer has a growing reputation for leaving listeners laughing du- ring his appearances at festivals and shows in Ontario and Québec. Last Friday’s soirée also featured a preview announcement of some of the live entertain- ment lining up for this year’s Ottawa River Festival, to entertain and amuse residents and visitors in all Prescott-Russell commu- nities located along the Ottawa River. But the big-name attractions will be in Rockland this year, starting with April Wine, a Cana- dian hard rock band who became the first Canadian band to appear onMTVwith their iconic power ballad, “Just Between You and Me”. Since the band formed in 1969, April Wine has released more than 20 albums, and still remains an international favourite among listeners of classic rock through live concerts and radio air-play. Returning again as major partners and supporters of the Ottawa River Fest are Powerboating Canada and Rockland Ford. Powerboating Canada will organize the ever-popular powerboat rally race between

United Way grants available Centraide Prescott-Russell United Way is now ready to accept grant applications for the 2016 funding period. Groups and individuals wishing to apply for grants can email info@centraide- or go to to get the application form and details on how to submit applications. Deadline for applications is May 20. – Gregg Chamberlain More details on events during the food festival and the Ottawa River Fest are available at and ǁǁǁ͘ĨĞƐƟǀĂůƉƌĞƐĐŽƩͲƌƵƐƐĞůů͘ĐĂ . Rockland andHawkesbury along with seve- ral other boating events, while Rockland Ford waves the chequered flag to signal the start of its Mustang Classic car rally in support of Breast Cancer Canada, to raise both awareness and funds for breast cancer research and treatment. Both the Foire Gourmande food festival andmost of the Rockland events during the Ottawa River Fest will take place at Parc du Moulin. The food festival takes place July 3 while the Ottawa River Fest runs from June 29 to July 3 in Rockland and other communities along the Ottawa River. This year’s Canada Day celebration in Rockland will also take place at Parc du Moulin.


It’s lucky seven time for all participants involved in the Seventh Annual Foire Gour- mande food festival. Organizers of the annual showcase pres- entation of the best of the best in local food, beverages and culinary skills, available in the Prescott-and-Russell region, are celebrating in advance as they already anticipate a win- ning year for the festival. During an official announcement soirée, May 6 evening at Joel’s Coffee, Warden Guy Desjardins des- cribed how the festival had grown over the years fromamodest beginning to a signature event for the region, attracting visitors from all over, both confirmed “foodies” to casual tourists. “This year the party will be even bigger,” he said. Festival officials Annie Grenier and Melissa Woodbury explained how the food festival had benefitted, in the past, from a partnership with the annual Ottawa River Fest, which highlights the recreational at- tractions for tourists visiting river-based communities like Rockland, Hawkesbury, Wendover, Lefaivre, and L’Orignal. The two festivals have benefitted from the combined

Melissa Ouimet will be one of the headline attractions for this year’s Foire Gourmande food festival, taking place in Rockland, in partnership with the annual Ottawa River Festival. —photo Gregg Chamberlain promotion of each other’s attractions. Grenier and Woodbury noted that this year, the food festival is also partnering with the Prescott-Russell Arts Council to provide activities related to culture and art, for the enjoyment of families with children who are taking in the food festival. Another part of the arts and culture aspect of the food festival is confirmation of Melissa Ouimet as one of the headline attractions for the

Cet investissement dans l’innovation et l’amélioration de l’accès aux soins de santé dont ils ont besoin, pour tous les habitants de l’Ontario, signifie : • 700 nouveaux docteurs et spécialistes • 35 hôpitaux actuellement en voie de rénovation, de modernisation ou d’expansion • 250 millions de dollars investis dans les soins à domicile et en milieu communautaire • 345 millions de dollars investis pour réduire les temps d’attente et améliorer l’accès aux soins

Cette année, le financement de notre système de santé va augmenter de plus d’un milliard de dollars.

Pour un système de soins de santé vigoureux aujourd’hui et demain.

Payé par le gouvernement de l’Ontario


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