Property Inspiration | Winter/Spring Collection 2022

The Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Winter.

Feature by Maria Stokes

Although some might say that trying to sell your home during winter is a bad idea, our experience of the autumn and winter market tells a different story, one which has a happy ending for our sellers. Without doubt, selling your property during winter comes with some set backs. For one, gardens won’t be seen at their full potential, which may also affect your kerb appeal. And, if your agent will be carrying out your viewings for you, the weather outside may make leaving your home for a walk or visit to the park with the kids a little unappealing. But that said, there are far more reasons to list your property in the winter than to not.

WinterBuyersAre Motivated.

With the surge in the property market over the last 18 months, there are many vendors out there sold subject to contract, but struggling to find their next home with supply beginning to diminish. Other serious potential purchasers may be looking for property due to a change of circumstances, their living situation may have changed abruptly, or they need to move due to a job change. Whatever the reason, their hunt for a new home is often necessary and sometimes urgent.

There’s something about the cold weather and dark early evenings that seems to filter out those buyers who are not really serious. These potential home buyers who are ‘just looking’ are not so likely to leave the home during cold or bad weather to browse houses for the sake of it, which means the prospective viewers coming through your door during these months tend to be serious, motivated and ready to buy.

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