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Neck Problems Can Cause Headaches “Look Up To Endless Possibilities Without Pain! ”

Do you find it hard to get comfortable at night because of the ache in your neck or find you just hurt when you try tomove in a certain direction? Many people suffer from chronic neck pain, tightness, and frequent headaches; however, few get the needed attention to address the root cause of the problem, and often resort to using pain relieving medications that only mask the symptoms. The neck is very complicated in its structure requiring good movement, posture, and support. Most of the rotating of your head comes from the upper part of your neck, making it a significant part of your body. It is where the thickest part of the spinal cord goes through the spinal canal to the brain. The neck also plays a vital role in determining how the body balances. Main Causes of Neck Pain Neck pain can start for a number of reasons; such as, poor posture when sitting, car accidents, stress, injuries, or even falls. Since the neck is where blood vessels travel to supply your head with blood, muscle tightness can cause spasms of the arteries around the nerves of the neck and head. This can trigger headaches and even migraines. People with neck problems often experience pain, tingling, or numbness in the arms, hands, and even fingers. (continued inside)

INSIDE: • Neck Problems Can Cause Headaches • 3 Common Spine Problem Areas • Patient Spotlights

Health & Fitness The Newsletter About Physical Therapy & Personal Training

“YouMay Not Be Seeing Fitness Results Because You’re Ignoring Your Headaches. ” Neck Problems Can Cause Headaches

This happens because the nerves exiting the spine in your neck supply sensations to your arms and hands. If you find these types of symptoms occurring, it is important that you see one of our expert physical therapists at Fit 4 Life. There is a lot that you can do to help your neck pain. The key is preventing the neck pain from starting in the first place; however, this can be difficult because our daily lives do not always dictate what is good for our neck and shoulders. In today’s society, we sit in slouched positions which are not good for the neck, upper back, and shoulders. Our jobs, driving the car, picking up heavy objects, and repetitive straining can hurt the neck over a period of time. Have the spine experts at Fit 4 Life examine your neck alignment, posture, movement, strength, and function to zero in on the root cause of your neck pain or headaches. With expert education, we can teach you how to help prevent the pain from returning. Call us today to learn more about how we can relieve your “pain in the neck”! NEEDGUIDANCE&DISCIPLINEWHEN WORKING OUT? TRY OUR PERSONAL TRAINING FOR ONLY $149 FOR YOUR FIRST SIX SESSIONS!

That’s right! For a limited time, for ONLY $149, you can start your journey to a more fit and active lifestyle. If you would like to come in for a free physical therapy consultation, we also offer therapy sessions by appointment. Refer a friend or family member to Fit 4 Life today and get the opportunity to receive a $25 Publix giftcard! SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT BY CALLING TODAY! 813-907-7879

If you are suffering from neck pain, Fit 4 Life has a 95% success rate! Schedule an appointment with the best quality therapists in Florida!

Common Problems Associated With Neck Pain “ What Do Neck Pain Symptoms Mean? ”

Upper Neck

Pain or injury here is often responsible for headaches to the scalp and face. This area helps with overall body balance and the ability to rotate the neck.

Mid Neck Pain or injury here is responsible for weakness and pain to the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.

Lower Neck

Pain or injury in this area often presents with limitedmotion and contributes to a forward head posture. As a result, this increases strain on the neck causing muscle pain and tension.

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DO I NEED A PRESCRIPTION TO START PHYSICAL THERAPY? No, you don’t. Although we see many patients sent directly by their physician, in the state of Florida, a licensed physical therapist may begin the physical therapy process by performing a full physical therapy evaluation. We will verify benefits for you so that you can get started right away.

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Patient Spotlights

Staff DO I NEED A PRESCRIPTION TO START PHYSICAL THERAPY? Although we see many patients sent directly by their physician, in the state of Florida, a licensed physical therapist may begin the physical therapy process by performing a full physical therapy evaluation. Fit 4 Life is accepting all AUTO Insurance and most others. We will verify benefits for you so that you can get started right away. YOU CAN START NOW CALL TODAY! 813-907-7879 Spotlight “Now I am determined to get stronger as I age!” “Thank you Fit 4 Life – Alyssa & Brianna. Before and after my hip replacement, Fit 4 Life was here to help me get stronger for surgery and helped me recover very quickly from my surgery. Once I finished with physical therapy, I went right to working with Brianna, the trainer. It finally clicked when my physician said that strength training can prevent arthritis. Now I am determined to get stronger and healthier as I age. Thank you so much Alyssa and Brianna for always being here for me. I consider them both wonderful friends. I signed up for the fitness challenge at the beginning of the year which included tracking food, water, and my workouts. I was surprised to hear that I won the challenge! I can’t wait to get signed up for the next one!” – Sarah F. “I feel fortunate to have found Fit 4 Life!” “I have been going to physical therapy at Fit 4 Life for neck and shoulder pain for just over 12 weeks. In the past, I have tried many different types of treatments (massages, chiropractor and acupuncture) to relieve the pain but nothing has been as effective as the therapy I received at Fit 4 Life. Through therapy, I have strengthened the neck and shoulder muscles and I feel better than ever. The trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and truly concerned about helping me feel better. I feel fortunate to have found Fit 4 Life!” – Caren S.

Pictured is PT Corinne and patient Caren

Pictured is Trainer Brianna and patient Sarah

Travis Monday Owner & President

I opened the first Fit 4 Life in June of 1996, in Wisconsin. Empowered with a certification in Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Rehabilitation from the University of Florida, and a business degree, I then brought Fit 4 Life to the Tampa area. I am an experienced American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified and International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA) Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Fit 4 Life Certified and Super Slow Certified Personal Trainer. We strive hard every day to live up to our name and our motto – Fit 4 Life. In our facility, I, along with my committed staff, can help you make the most of your personal training, spine strengthening as well as physical fitness goals. We are here to coach you, motivate you and educate you in a positive and fun environment with laser focus on the goals. Welcome, and let’s begin your fitness journey together!


Top Notch Equipment To Help You Get Results!

Tech Spotlight HISTORY OF MEDX: Arthur Jones is the legendary founder of Nautilus. In 1986, he founded MedX to perfect the testing of human strength, endurance and range of motion. After years of development and testing, validated by independent research teams at the University of Florida, MedX perfected its medical Lumbar Extension machine. It has since helped tens of thousands of people around the world reduce or eliminate their back pain. Subsequent developments produced the MedX Cervical Extension, Rotary Neck and Torso, and Knee/Hamstring machines, providing the medical community with the first tools capable of producing specific and accurate tests of functional ability, as well as the finest source of rehabilitative exercise. MedX applied the knowledge gained from its medical machines to the design of a full line of exercise-only machines. These machines incorporated MedX’s patented compound weight stack which produces less friction and enables several hundred levels of available resistance in increments of 2ft-lbs. This feature reduces user strain and, for the first time, made it possible for individuals to select the exact level of resistance required regardless of their strength. In 2002, MedX created exercise versions of its medical machines and branded them the Core Spinal Fitness System.™ In

less than 20 minutes, twice a week, these five machines can help reduce or eliminate back pain by focusing on strength, stability, flexibility and endurance of the body’s core, providing a solid foundation for whole-body strength. BIOMECHANICALLY DESIGNED EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: Incorporated into every MedX product are decades of experience and millions of dollars of independent, university-based research. MedX is the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available. MedX products achieve training efficiency through resistance curves matched to tested and proven strength profiles. They operate at a very low level of friction and offer a choice of resistance in 2-pound increments, ensuring a weight that’s just right - not too heavy and not too light – for rapid and steady progress. Biomechanical precision and low-friction makes MedX state-of-the-art. Engineering excellence and quality components mean that MedX equipment

requires virtually no maintenance other than cleaning. Resource:

Exercise Essentials

Try this exercise to get you moving... MEDIAN NERVE GLIDE Start with your arm hanging down at your side with your elbow straight and palm facing forward. Next, bend your wrist forward and back. Your other hand should be checking to make sure that your shoulder stays down and drawn back the entire time.

Good stretch for those who sit at a computer all day

Exercises copyright of

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Think Fit 4 Life FIRST Why You Need To Schedule An Appointment With Our Personal Trainer: � Move without pain � Walk for long distances � Live an active & healthy lifestyle It’s Never Too Late To Get Fit & Active! � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently & securely � Sit for long periods comfortably

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