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MARCH 2020

My Hampton Roads Origin Story From Army Brat to Traffic Attorney

I was very blessed to be raised with gratitude for everything I had. It’s not something that everyone grows up with, but it’s given me the belief that we need to help those less fortunate when we can. That directive from my childhood didn’t take me far from home; it led me to a career that lets me make a real impact in our community. I’ve lived in Hampton Roads since high school, so I’ve been in the area for quite some time. Before high school, I moved around a bit because my dad was in the military. It was only after he retired that we found a home here in Virginia. In school, I was part of the International Baccalaureate, a high school organization focused on preparing the next generation through advanced college accredited classes. If you can’t tell, I was quite the nerd, and traveling from town to town growing up didn’t give me a chance to make friends. The program allowed me to not only excel academically, but also find fellow nerds with similar interests. When my friends and I weren’t studying, we read a lot of Robert Jordan books, including the “The Wheel of Time” series.

After high school, I ventured to William & Mary to study psychology. The campus had a family feel, and everyone was friendly and supportive. In my free time, I volunteered at Transitions Family Violence Services. There, I worked with domestic violence victims. I would walk them through every part of the court proceedings and inform them what the next steps looked like and what to expect with certain outcomes. Through those four years at William & Mary, I developed a sense of what the community needed and how I should help people. By the end of my bachelor’s education, I found a love for the law and set my sights on becoming a lawyer. As luck would have it, though, I didn’t have to travel far for law school: I was accepted into the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary. When I graduated from law school in 2006, I went to work at a bankruptcy law firm. I was then paired with an amazing mentor, Toni Davis. She has a passion for helping people and getting things done the right way. Toni wanted to make sure her clients knew she was listening and actively trying to fix their problems. I’m a problem solver by nature, so it gave me a foundation for how to handle clients and reinforced why I became a lawyer to begin with — to help people. That passion for client care was one of the first qualities I noticed about Pendleton law firm. I met Christina and Damon Pendleton when I was interviewing for a bankruptcy position. Afterward, they offered me a job as a traffic attorney! I could tell they were passionate about people. There are many dedicated people in bankruptcy court, but burnout is also very common, so it’s essential for me to work with people who genuinely believe in putting the client first. Whenever I think about that first

conversation I had with the Pendletons, it just makes me feel so proud to be part of such a dedicated firm. Every day I’m so thankful to work at a place actively striving to make the world better. It’s a family-friendly office as well. I have two younger kids, and the firm is very understanding whenever I’m needed for my kids. Everyone I work with is very warm, and they make an effort to bring everyone together to feel like a team. With such a fantastic work environment, I have free time to read stories by my favorite authors. Now, I love reading Terry Pratchett, which is a bit different from the young Robert Jordan fan who grew up reading “The Wheel of Time” series.

-Amber Quick | 1

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