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I’ll never forget the first time I dropped Jay off at school. It was utterly heart-wrenching. I was scared to death of just about every conceivable harm coming his way. I remember I walked him to his classroom on his first day, and the teachers let me sit next to him. My eyes danced around the classroom for a short while, but my primary focus was on Jay. I was a total wreck, fighting back tears and scared to death. Meanwhile, Jay took to it like a fish in water. I’m sure if there were a video of it, you’d think he was the calm, cool, collected adult and I was the terrified child. SURF CITY LAWYERS GO BACK TO SCHOOL Our New Initiative for Teachers

Jay’s teachers have had a significant impact on him, and that’s why Christine and I wanted to start an initiative to give back. Teachers have an essential role in our society, but they’re often required to fund their classroom with the necessary supplies to teach our kids. So last year, I went out and bought Jay’s teacher the supplies she needed for the year.

When I told Christine, having the great mind she does, she told me we should do more.

This August, Christine and I are going to fill up reusable bags with everything the teachers at Jay’s school need for the year. We’re going to sprinkle in things like Starbucks gift cards

(because what teacher can survive without coffee?) and other fun items so they can have more than just the bare bones. Before school starts, we’re going to head over to the classrooms and deliver them to the

25-plus teachers. We’re doing it on our own, but as we got to thinking, we wanted to use this newsletter to offer up the opportunity

“Teachers have an essential role in our society, but they’re often required to fund their classroomwith the necessary supplies to teach our kids.”

for anyone else wanting to help with our initiative. If you’re interested in how you can help — or ways you can start something similar at your child’s school — reach out to us. The more we look at the heart and dedication of these wonderful people who serve our kids, the more Christine and I want to do the best we can to match it. I went to Jay’s class to help out a few times, and I have no idea how teachers have the patience and dedication they do. So if there’s something we can do to help, I say let’s do it.

The same situation transpired just this last year as Mark and I put Jay in a new school. I tried to put on a brave face, but I couldn’t hold back tears for long. “Mom, why are you so scared?” he asked me. And after he came running out of school the first day, wearing a smile ear to ear, I knew there was no way he’d ever understand my anxiety. He’s a wonderful, socially adept young man. I wish I could take the credit for it, but he has this innate character about him that is truly unique.

–Anna Serrambana

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