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Milestones OUR KIDS ARE GROWING UP At the time of this writing, my kids, Heidi and Ian, are about to head back to school. Heidi is starting her first year of elementary school, and her little brother is going through pre-K. The two are less than a year apart, but it’s funny how different they can be at times. Heidi couldn’t wait for school to start back up again, while Ian already sees school as work. Chelsea and I are excited for both of our kids to start this next chapter in their lives, but I can’t help feeling a little melancholy as well. Everyone always tells you, “Kids grow up so fast.” As much as I thought I understood that phrase when I was younger, becoming a father really made it hit home. Heidi turns 6 years old this month — a fact I’m still trying to wrap my head around. I can’t tell you where the time has gone. It feels like


recovering from injuries, you’re never really off the clock. Accident


victims have families just like ours, and both Chelsea and I are proud to do all we can to make their lives easier so they can reconnect with their loved ones. Still, that sometimes means missing important connections in our own lives. One day, my wife and I came to pick up Heidi from day care, only to discover she was walking . “Oh, that’s new,” I remember saying as I watched my daughter teeter her way over to us. We were proud of what a fast learner Heidi was, but missing her first steps underscored just how quickly she was growing up. Now I feel like I’ve blinked and that toddler wobbling her way across the day care floor has become a girl who’s fully capable of going down the water slide by herself (and proud of it). Heidi’s gone from scribbling randomly with a crayon to creating her own picture



just yesterday that Chelsea and I brought her home from the hospital. When Heidi was born, I was the first to hold her. I couldn’t help but think of how absolutely perfect she was in every way. Cradling my newborn daughter in my arms, I was overcome with emotion. I’ve shed tears of joy before, but in that moment, I was

"Everytime Iturn around,thebabyI heldinmyarmssix yearsagoishitting anotheramazing milestone inherlife."


books from scratch. Every time I turn around, the baby I held in my arms six years ago is hitting another amazing milestone in her life.


Over the years, Chelsea and I have strived to strike that balance between being there for our children and being there for our clients. It’s a unique challenge for a husband-and-wife legal team, but one we’ve never shied away from. Heidi and Ian may be growing up fast, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m so proud of who our kids have already become and can’t wait to see where life takes them next.

sobbing like, well, a baby. That night, Chelsea and I got to bring Heidi home to the bright pink bedroom we’d painted for her. Of course, she was already fast asleep, so we gently swaddled her in her blanket and put her to bed. For every vivid memory like this, there are moments I’m painfully aware of having missed. The downside of being a lawyer is that you end up missing out on a lot of family time. When you have clients who depend on you to be their voice, especially when they are



Here’s to the bittersweet moments of parenthood,

Our business is a family business built on referrals, and we invite and appreciate referrals from you. Referring a family member or friend to us on an injury or other legal matter is the best compliment we can receive. We practice personal injury law, but if you ever have any type of legal problem, we would be happy to see how we can help you. 1 Tom Dickerson


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