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Lessons Learned From a Lifelong Passion LAW AND BASKETBALL

Basketball and business aren’t exactly similar pursuits, but lately, as I’ve thought about my time in both arenas, I’ve been surprised by the number of important lessons I learned from basketball that have crossed over into my role as a business owner. LESSON 1: THE POINT GUARD As a point guard for my team, I was responsible for the greater vision in each game. Point guards need to see things on the court before they happen. They know all the details: who’s a threat for scoring; how much time is left; the number of timeouts used; and all the tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses each player and coach has. As the point guard, I built on what my team brought to the table and got everyone firing on all cylinders at all times. It came with being a leader. As the leader of The Button Law Firm, having a strong knowledge of my team and the game is just as important as it is in basketball. When building my firm, I wanted to bring in people with different strengths: some who excelled at rebounds, others who could get every shot, and the ones who could drive the basket. You build a good team by adding the right pieces to the puzzle. You need people who add to, and are excited about joining, your team. Just because someone is a great player doesn’t mean they’ll fit your team’s needs. It’s a balance. From a business leadership standpoint, I need to have a vision of where we are as a team and where we’re headed. I need to see potential pitfalls before they happen. I’m the one who identifies if we’re stretched too thin. As I was in basketball, I’m my team’s biggest fan and motivator. As each person gets better, we are better collectively. LESSON 2: WATCHING FILM In basketball, we watched films of the last game or practice to see where we could improve, study what we did well, and replicate it. We’d also examine our opponents to figure out what they don’t do and how to use that to our advantage. It’s hard to go back and watch where you failed in the past, but it’s necessary.

We have a similar review system at our firm. After a case or presentation is closed, we do an autopsy of it. We immediately

write down what didn’t go smoothly and what went well. Failure is going to happen; we’re going to make mistakes along the way. It’s what we do to overcome those failures and not repeat them that matters. LESSON 3: MENTAL EDGE In basketball, we sought out that mental edge, that extra effort, to get us to the next level. We got up before others were awake to practice. We shot hoops and ran plays so many times that when the game came around, we were ready for anything. When nothing went according to plan, we knew how to handle it and win because we’d put in the work. When it comes to a case, we apply the same attitude. Pretrial, we run through everything that could happen. We present our case to focus groups and run scenarios, videotaping ourselves to watch later and see how we’re doing. We practice our opening statements until we find ourselves saying them in our sleep. We work through contingencies so that by the time we get to court, we’re ready for anything. We are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to get better. LESSON 4: GAME PLANNING In basketball, we knew our opponents. We watched films and studied each player’s tendencies. From that source, we came up with our game plan. It’s like what Bill Belichick has done with the patriots; they just won their sixth Super Bowl because Belichick is a master at creating game plans. Game planning is essential to finding out what your team is doing well, helping them excel at those things, and preventing the other team from doing what they do well.

At our firm, we have weekly team meetings and strategy sessions to come up with our game plans. Every week, we have a case review

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meeting and a marketing meeting, and we plan for contingencies. Leaving these meetings, everyone knows what they need to do, the alternatives, and how they’re going to implement the game plan. LESSON 5: COMMUNITY While winning was important to us, our coaches made sure we recognized the role we played in our community. In every team I’ve been on, we always did something to give back. We spoke at elementary schools, picked up trash off the highway, and supported other teams (yes, even our competition) in their challenges. As role models and mentors for younger athletes and youth, we gave hope to kids who didn’t think they could get out of their circumstances. I’ve carried this community focus into my role as a business leader. I recognize that I serve as a role model for others and that our firm can contribute positively to our community. From serving on the boards of organizations like BIND to starting our teacher appreciation program, I want to pass on and pay forward the success we’ve had. I love being able to do that for you and our community.

–Russell Button


It’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating one year since our marketing assistant, Gabriela, joined The Button Law Firm! Since day one, Gabriela has never shied away from a task that needs to get done. She’s picked up on everything we do, from legal lingo to building relationships with our clients and community. Gabriela is our go-to person when we need to get a task completed.

Gabriela is excited about this milestone! She doesn’t quite feel like it’s real, and at the same time, she says she’s “so ready for the future.” Gabriela also mentions, “it feels like I just started and also like I’ve been here five years.” Considering everything the last year has brought, including highlights like surprising Russell for National Boss Day, it’s easy to understand why. Gabriela has been a key part of the firm’s marketing growth in all areas. “Russell and I have started the marketing department from the ground up,” she says. It’s clear that a huge part of what Gabriela loves about her work is the people she works with. “Russell has been a great teacher and leader, who has taken the time to understand how I learn,” she shares. “I can easily say that I have my dream job and am fulfilled in my career. The people I work with make it feel like it’s more of a growing passion than a job. When we say that we operate as a team and family, it’s not just to sell an image. That’s what The Button Law Firm actually stands for.” Gabriela is enthusiastic about where she is and about her future at the firm. “My journey with The Button Law Firm has exceeded any expectations I could have ever wished for. I’m excited to grow into my leadership role and for the next five years, and the five years after that!”

“She’s a self-starter and is self-motivated,” Russell Button says of Gabriela. “Her ability to take action and tackle what needs to be done is paramount to the success we’ve had in the last year. Gabriela takes ownership and makes it easy as a leader to encourage and motivate. I’ve watched Gabriela grow into a leader herself, stepping up to handle not just the day-to-day duties but also bigger picture planning and coordination with marketing. She’s so talented and has the right mindset.”

So are we! Here’s to your first year at the firm and to many more, Gabriela!



The Button Law Firm Presents

Is Your Child Safe At Daycare? The Button Law Firmwill be hosting a FREE seminar for parents who currently have children at daycare or are considering daycare. We are hoping to bring awareness to careless daycares and teach parents how to spot red flags as well as what to do in the event of an injury, neglect or abuse.

Saturday, April 27th, 2019 4315W. Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75209

CALL US FORMORE INFORMATION at 214-888-2216 or check out our website: www.buttonlawfirm.com

H e r e ' s wh a t h a p p e n i n g t h i s mo n t h a t T h e B u t t o n L aw F i rm : HAVE YOU NOMINATED A TEACHER?

We are excited to announce that we are starting a teacher appreciation contest in 2019. At the beginning of every month, our polls will open and you will be able to nominate your child's teacher to help the teacher win a $100 gift card to the school supply store of their choice and a Pizza Party for the classroom! Nominate at: www.but tonlawf irm.com/ teachers Serious Injury Car Wrecks If you or a loved one has been in a serious injury car wreck in the DFW, Midland, Houston area and want some guidance, please reach out to us. We are here to help you understand your rights, the process, and the truth about these car wrecks.


Daycare Negligence & Abuse Our children are the most vulnerable members of our society. The Button Law Firm has a passion for keeping kids safe and holding caregivers accountable for every child they harm directly or through negligence or incompetence. At the Button Law Firm, we represent injured victims of truck crashes when a trucking company resists paying a settlement, but we also fight to compel that trucker or trucking company to make changes to ensure that another person is not harmed Truck Wrecks

Negligent Security

When a company chooses to ignore red flags regarding the safety of their premises, any member of the public who sets foot there is at risk of serious injury or death. Most people do not think about the fact that land or business owners have a responsibility to protect the public that they invite onto their premises from the dangerous acts of others.

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What Inspires and Motivates Us

Ultimately, we discovered that the daycare didn’t have any safety systems in place to prevent this from happening. In the end, as part of the resolution of this case, the daycare was forced to close down for one full day this month and retrain all their employees on the safety systems and rules. Thankfully, Ben and Rena’s son is doing okay, and we were able to prevent this from happening in the future. Ben and Rena are amazing parents to their three children. They both work at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ben’s passion is volleyball. He is active in all sports, but volleyball is undoubtedly his favorite. He even serves as a coach and a referee outside the university. Rena works in the event coordination department at the university and has worked in education for over 12 years. She also served our country in the United States Army as a military police officer prior to working at the university. Thank you for your service, Rena! While the circumstance that brought them to us was less than ideal, Rena found her true calling as a result of our work with her and her husband. She is now signing up to attend law school so she can become an advocate in cases like the one her family went through. We hope Rena becomes a law clerk for us one day. Our community is better because of this amazing family. Rena also inspired us to plan our first seminar for families on daycare lessons, which will include her story. Stay tuned for more details about this event. We are so excited to put on a seminar to help working families protect their kids while at daycare.

The Button Law Firm holds Ben and Rena Piper close to our hearts, and we want everyone to have the chance to know them the way we do. From start to finish, Ben and Rena were amazing clients. We got in contact with the Pipers through a referral from an amazing lawyer and wonderful friend of ours, Scott Snellings — thank you for the referral, Scott! The Pipers turned to us for help with their child’s daycare abuse and negligence case. Due to negligence of the employees working at this daycare, Ben and Rena’s son was left outside for over an hour by himself. The weather was in the upper 30s and misting.

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Teacher of the Month

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In honor of National Pet Day on April 11, we wanted to bring attention to our wonderful neighbor, Mrs. Kimberly Hamilton! She is the owner of Kimberly’s K-9 Fitness Center and Spa, an all-inclusive retreat for dogs. They offer daycare, boarding, grooming, training, massages, and bathing. The facility is completely cage-free and has indoor rooms, a backyard, and plenty of friends for dogs to socialize with. Kimberly has been in business for 16 years and loves serving her loyal clientele. When we asked how she came up with the business idea, Kimberly shared her story. It all started with a group project in college. Kimberly suggested a “dog spa” where a dog could come work out and be pampered. After the group’s presentation, everybody was in awe of the concept. Kimberly gained confidence in her idea, and shortly after, she gave her two weeks notice at the local vet’s office where she worked. She was ready to pursue her dream of dogs being taken care of properly and not just left in a cage when taken to a daycare. Kimberly

sees pets as more than just animals — she sees them as family. Her team is made up of people who share the same values; they’re dog lovers who believe in what the company stands for and want to be part of the bigger vision. In the next five years, Kimberly wants to open five more fitness centers and spas. She’s always envisioned multiple locations that provide customized care for a small number of dogs rather than one big location with hundreds of dogs. She wants all of her team members and the dogs they care for to get to know each other and develop relationships. Because her team knows every detail about the dogs at their location, they can provide better care and spot changes in behavior.

One of Kimberly’s proudest moments, in addition to keeping her business running through the financial crisis thanks to loyal clients, was when her second location opened. Kimberly’s K-9 Fitness Center and Spa currently has three locations throughout Dallas. We are excited to see this local business grow and watch Kimberly accomplish her goals! Learn more at their website, Kimberlysk9spa.com/, and Instagram, @kimberlysk9spas.



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