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4 Easy Tricks ToRelieveAHeadache 1. Regular exercise.

3. Balanced diet. Eating regular meals, avoiding foods that trigger headaches, and staying hydrated will also help reduce the pain and frequency of your headaches.

Migraine patients are at a slightly increasedriskofstroke, and lack of exercise is a risk factor for cardiovacular and cerebrovascular disease. Vigorous, regular exercise can help reduce these risks. 2. Adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep on a regular basis is part of the migraine hygiene you should practice to keep your headaches at ease.

4. Work on improving your posture.

Hold your shoulders back and your head level, parallel to the ground, instead of hunching forward. This technique helps improve headaches most frequent during work.

Patient Success Spotlight

“My physical therapy at Adams Physical Therapy Services went exceptionally well. I went from not being able to pick up my two year old from the car to wrestling with him again with no pain. The staff is not only professional but extremely friendly. They are people that I would consider friends. I know if I ever have to come back, I will be back to 100% in no time.” -D.C. “I went fromnot being able to pick upmy two year old from the car to wrestlingwith him againwith NO PAIN.”

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