Future Land Use Map - Update to Chapel Hill 2020

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Focus Area Map

Introduction Charting Our Future is designed to chart the next course and think about the future of Chapel Hill with an emphasis on six key Focus Areas of town. The process gives the Town the opportunity to unite previous planning efforts, examine gateways into Chapel Hill, and create cohesion among existing areas of development within these six Focus Areas. The defined Focus Areas are shown on the map on the following page.

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North Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard South Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard

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North 15-501 Corridor



NC 54 Corridor

South Columbia Gateway

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The Focus Area section is organized in the following sections:

ƒ Character Types - The Focus Areas are described using “character types” that describe the look and feel of future development within each of the Focus Areas. The Character Types only apply to the Focus Areas. Precedent images for the Character Types accompany the descriptive text. The vision and intent for the remaining portions of the Town are shown on the Future Land Use Map (2050) and are described using the Land Use Categories presented in Section 3. ƒ Universal Principles - The Focus Area exhibits are supported with a variety of principles to help guide decisions. While some principles are specific to individual Focus Areas, other principles can be universally applied to each of the six locations. ƒ Focus Area Details - Each Focus Area is introduced with a vision, overview of current conditions, and set of principles that speak to connectivity, land use, placemaking, density, and environmental considerations. A map divides each Focus Area into sub-areas, which graphically provides character type and height guidance utilizing the Character Type and Height Matrix. The Focus Area Maps also depict active street frontages and transitional areas.

WWeaver St

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Focus Areas


North MLK South MLK 15-501 North D wntown NC-54 South Columbia Gateway Corporate_Limits

Urban Service Area Jurisdictional Limits








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