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On the academic front, a large number of the Harper boys have achieved great success. Whether this has been as simple as making positive changes to the way they have worked in class, demonstrating a strong love of learning, or achieving results of the highest quality, there have been lots of individual achievement. There were some astounding overall results, with some boys gaining Excellence grades in all of their internal assessments, more than half the Year 12 cohort achieving above 90% with their grade point averages and a number of senior boys collecting subject prizes at the senior prize- giving. Nikau Davies (Year 9), Daniel Wilson (Year 9), Freddie Coates (Year 10) and Baxter Lamberg (Year 10) all collected end-of-year Academic Awards, proving it was not just the senior boys working hard. Special congratulations also need to go to Baxter Lamberg (Year 10) and Nick Wilson (Year 11) who picked up Charles Upham Character Awards for demonstrating clear character strengths in action in the classroom, around the school and in the community. Charlie Cameron (Year 13) won the HM Chrystall Prize for all-round merit in sport and scholarship, with Jamie Barr (Year 13) winning the Maling Memorial Prize for outstanding service to the school. It was great to see Harper recognised for its efforts with major school awards. Of course, we cannot talk about the success of the boys in the House without acknowledging the awesome team of Assistant Housemasters. As Housemaster, I have always been very lucky to have enthusiastic, caring and all-round good people available to support both myself and the boys. Katie Southworth, Emily Priest, Ginny Patterson and Andrew Taylor, thank you for all the help you offer to the House, the supportive manner in which you carry out your roles and for always having the best interests of the boys at heart. We also need to thank the two people who have held the role of Deputy Housemaster this year. First, Graeme Christey who stepped down from the

role at the end of Term 2. Graeme has made a huge contribution towards Harper House over the years and his wisdom, commitment and genuine care for the boys have been exemplary. With his unwavering support and loyalty, we always know that he has Harper’s back. Likewise, Claire Nicolson, who stepped into the role. We have valued her support, enthusiasm and the way she has thrown herself into the role. Unfortunately, Miss Nicolson has done her job a bit too well and has been grabbed by School House to step up again to be a Deputy Boarding Housemaster. We wish her all the best in her new role and we know she will do a great job keeping the boarders on their toes. The other big ‘thank you’ goes to our Year 13 leavers for 2021. This is a special group of young men who

right from their first day in the House have brought a constant buzz of noise, laughter and often ridiculous chat wherever they have gone. Over the years it has become apparent that they were certainly influenced by the Year 12 and Year 13 boys who were in the House when they arrived. Those boys were groups of tight- knit, jovial, decent, well-rounded young men. They were groups who made significant contributions to the House and led the House in a warm, enthusiastic and pride-filled manner. This year’s leavers have certainly followed in their footsteps but added their own flair and style. As Housemaster, I have often left their common room with a smile on my face and shaking my head at the complete nonsense I had just heard. I have cherished the good- natured banter and humour, and


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