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the great stories we have shared. Whether it has been Caleb and Kosei breaking down the weekly football performance, Monty trying to explain why he did something, Archie telling me he’ll have a shave tomorrow or Charlie trying to debate every rational, reasonable decision or proven facts, it has been a true experience to be part of the common room conversations. As a whole, the Harper Leavers of 2021 can be very proud of their achievements and the individual things they have achieved. A lot of what has been mentioned in this article is down to your commitment towards the House, and let’s face it, without Nant, Nont, Marcus and Charlie, the massive points tally in athletics will take a bit of a hit next year. Some of these boys have achieved outstanding academic results, some have excelled on the sports field, some have won national titles, some have been stunning on stage and in song and some have mastered FIFA 18 and Warzone. No matter what, it has been heartening to see the way this group of boys has worked together and supported each other. They have been through a lot together and shared some memorable experiences that will be some of the fond memories I cherish from my time as Harper Housemaster. A few years ago I predicted that they had the potential to be an influential year group within the school. As always, it looks like I was right. Despite another year hampered by restrictions, there has been plenty to celebrate and it has been that way over the past eight years in Harper House. It has been a privilege to be the Housemaster of Harper House and it has been a job that I have thoroughly enjoyed, loved and, at times, got frustrated with. It has challenged me, but at the same time I have gained so much. I have worked with some fabulous staff, got to know some great parents and families, but, most importantly, had the pleasure of working with some

Housemaster, but, in my opinion, it has been the boys of the House who have made me look good. It is not hard to enjoy your job and get plenty of job satisfaction when your job is made easy by those you are working with. The way the boys have gone about things, the effort they have made and the things they have achieved have often amazed me. I have appreciated how they have been willing to learn, listen and put in a shift. They have stepped up when it matters. I hope the boys all continue to strive for success and seek to be the best citizens of the school. That they show their character, leadership and, above all, look out for each other. I encourage the boys to keep looking forward to finding new ways to flourish. Semper floreat. Best wishes to Dr Neil de Joux, who takes over as the as the new Housemaster, and Emily Priest, who will step into her new role as Deputy Housemaster. I feel honoured, humbled, and exceptionally proud to have been associated with the boys, staff and community of Harper House. For me, it has been the whole House activities where the boys of Harper House have put their best foot forward that have been the most memorable. This year has been no exception. Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini. My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective. HOUSE PRIZE-GIVING 1st House Colours (certificate for 20+ points) Nikau Davies, Jonty Gray, Ewan Whiteside, Daniel Wilson, Ollie Young, Freddie Coates, Isaac Field, Ollie Gormack, Bede Hamilton, Felix Huston, Darcy Laidlaw, Baxter Lamberg, Dion McCrostie 2nd House Colours (patch for 40+ points) Freddie Coates, PJ Palamo, Zach Adams, Oscar Chaffey, Fergus Johnston, Alex McEwan, Finn Melhuish, Hugo Wynn Thomas,

Archie Franks, Hamish McCulloch, Kosei Oikawa, Angus Wynn-Williams 3rd House Colours (tie clip for 60+ points) George Austin, Lewis Whiteside, Nick Wilson, Gabriel Gallaway, Andreas Gormack, Monty Hamilton, Thomas Johnston, Hamish McCulloch, Thomas McEwan, Caleb Palmer, Will Patchett 4th House Colours (Harper House tie for 80+ points) Jasper Johnson, Marcus Hamilton, Monty Hamilton 5th House Colours (Harper House cufflinks for 100+ points) Jamie Barr, Charlie Cameron, Nont Prachuabmoh Most House Points for Harper House

Nant Prachuabmoh (144) Year 9 – Daniel Wilson (23)

Year 10 – Freddie Coates (30) Year 11 – Lachlan McVicar (17) Year 12 – Jasper Johnson (17) Year 13 – Nant Prachuabmoh (34) Rutherford Cup for Excellence in Interhouse Sport Jamie Barr, Daniel Wilson Special Housemaster’s Awards for Effort, Citizenship and Service: Ollie Young, Ewan Whiteside, Nikau Davies, Darcy Laidlaw, Isaac Field, Wilby Cameron, Finn Melhuish, Lewis Whiteside, Thomas McCulloch, Lachlan McVicar, William Olsson, Ollie Jones, Isaac Heap, Caleb Palmer, Marcus Hamilton Year 9 Tankard Winner for General Excellence Daniel Wilson Year 10 Tankard Winner for General Excellence Freddie Coates Year 11 Tankard Winner for General Excellence Thomas Douglas Cup for General Excellence at Year 12 Henry King Year 13 Tankard Winner for General Excellence Kosei Oikawa and Nant Prachuabmoh

outstanding young men. There have been some

complimentary things said about me recently in terms of my role as


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