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Levett Cup For the best junior academic in Jacobs House, based on assessment results throughout the year Angus Whitteker HA Ford Trophy For the best Year 11 all rounder George Cochrane Thatcher Cup (Presented by DJ and LM Thatcher) For the Year 12 boy who has offered the most service to the House Yusef Elnahas Michael Jerram Memorial Trophy and Prize For the Year 13 boy with the best academic endeavour based on his IPGs throughout the year Isaac Aitken

Senior Academic Cup For the Academic Head of House, based on assessment results throughout the year Janindu Pahalawatta School House Cup (Presented by School House in 2011) For the boy, at any level, who shows the most perseverance and determination in and around Jacobs House Thom Bell Talbot Cup (presented by Talbot Family) For contribution to cultural activities in Jacobs House Janindu Pahalawatta Character Cup For the boy who has demonstrated all round character in all aspects

2016 Boarders Award For the senior who has shown the most all round contribution to Jacobs House Isaac Aitken Jack Bristed Memorial Cup For the Year 12 or 13 student who best reflected who Jack was – that is an all-round good sort. Janindu Pahalawatta Jack Ballantyne Memorial Award For the most trusted and respected Year 12 or 13 student as voted by the Years 9, 10 and 11 in the House Joshua Wood Head of House Award Isaac Aitken

of House life Angus Thorne


Back Row: Mrs EY Tang (Mentor), Mr CP Sellars (Mentor), JA Thomas, TJ Whitteker, SM Baynes, AT Acton-Adams, BJ Breitmeyer, MJT Lewis, LM Jack, JT Braithwaite, Y Elnahas, GT van Leeuwen, GJC Ryan, AGR Thorne, KL Thiele, Mr C Waugh (Mentor) Fourth Row: GD Robertson, LEG Marshall, CJ Lewis, JP Barnes, HL Burt, RN McGuigan, OC Glossop, GHD Cochrane, CRH Beale, TS Audeau, AW Gifford, AJM Law, CF Nicholson, OT Wells-Swann, H Li, F Richards, JE Thomas, TF Bell Third Row: Ms R Peers (Mentor), AJ Whitteker, JT Phillips, MB Howard, FJ McCormack-Young, AM Thomas, TW Lambie, JW Durant, AJ Woolhouse, BF Crawford, OS Nicholson, LA Minehan, KA Christey, CR Parker, LW Baynes, Mrs MJ Riveros (Mentor) Second Row: DS Pahalawatta, AN Bourner, SJ Willems, TAJ Stephens, HG Patterson, JAW Wood (Deputy Head of House), IC Aitken (Head of House), Mr MJ Thatcher (Housemaster), A Marshall (Deputy Head of House), Ms CC Black (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), AR Hickman, JJ Barclay, AS O’Shannessey, SR Rutherford-Bradford, GLL Heath Front Row: DD Terpstra, HB Hiatt, BA Peebles, JTL Floyd, HJ Douglass, MA Reidie, FJ Tapper, ATG Fulton, WTN Gifford, AD Rutherford, CJ Raine, BM Lewis, DC Robertson, TW Tolerton Absent: AT Bedggood, Mr WJ Bell (Mentor), JGL Floyd


Register 2021 Pastoral Care

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