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the role of Acting Housemaster at this time. The exemplary actions and behaviour of the boys during this time was an indication of their respect for Dr Field and the high regard they hold him in. A special mention needs to be made of our 2021 Head of House, Hanjun Kim, who provided strong student leadership during this time and helped to ensure that things kept moving forward. He has set the highest of standards for what a Head of House can achieve, and provides an excellent example for our 2022 Head of House, Christian Higgins, to follow. Term 3 started with the House trying to replicate its winning performance from earlier in the year with the House Play competition. Under the direction of Sam Kelly, the boys wrote their own modern interpretations of three classic fairytales: Little Red Riding Hood , Cinderella , and Three Little Pigs . The boys delivered an incredibly witty and well-timed performance which elicited a fantastic response from the audience. Although they were unable to replicate their winning performance from earlier in the year, it was clear that those involved had a fantastic time sharing the stage. A particular highlight was having all of the Year 13 cohort involved in the production. Term 3 is typically the time of year where the hard work and good habits which have been formed over the first half of the year start to come to fruition. With another bout of remote learning being instigated because of

Covid-19 lockdowns, these positive working habits came back to help many students. As a whole, Julius House performed very well during this time, and it was a testament to the growing maturity and resilience of the boys that they were able to maintain their engagement and achievement at high levels. Due to various Covid-19 restrictions, most of the rest of the year was disjointed in terms of activities around the Julius community, with many of the traditional end-of-year events unable to take place. The boys instead went about making the most of their time within the House, continuing to grow the already strong sense of community and camaraderie they had built over

the course of the year. Overall, 2021 was a year which required strength, bravery, and resilience in the face of some very real challenges. Although it will not be remembered as a year marked by huge amounts of success during interhouse sports and events, as a House we grew individually and collectively and the boys enter 2022 being stronger because of it. Thank you all for helping make Julius House everything that it is. Dr Neil de Joux Housemaster (Acting) SCHOOL PRIZE-GIVINGS A rising tide lifts all boats, and Julius provides an encouraging environment for our young men to flourish in a range of areas during the year. As such, we had a huge representation in the end-of-year full school prize- giving. Tancred Prize for Literature Edward Elworthy (Year 9) Cup for the Most Improved Polo Player Freddy Scott (Year 9) KM Sturrock Award for the Most Improved Intermediate Pianist and and a Prize for Te Ao Maˉori David Wayne (Year 9) Tobias King Cup for the Most Improved Player in Basketball Gus Eglinton (Year 10)


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