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PASTORAL CARE Richards House

Junior Edward Bodie-Healy – High Jump, Javelin 7th Robert Kidd – Shot Put, High Jump Michael Li – Long Jump 7th Albie Roberts – Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump 12th, High Jump, Javelin 10th,100m, reserve 200m Jack Slater – High Jump, 1500m 6th Relays – 4x400m 4th, 4x100m 6th Intermediate Henry Blackley – Long Jump 5th, Triple Jump 4th, 200m 7th Ethan Jones – Shot Put 2nd, High Jump 11th, Triple Jump 5th, 100m Will Simpson – High Jump 3rd, 100m Hurdles Relays – 4x400m 4th, 4x100m 7th Senior Oliver Blackburn – 1500m 10th Jack Jones – Shot Put 1st Hanson Xie – 800m, 1500m, Reserve 200m Relays – 4x400m 5th, 4x100m 9th Although Richards struggles on the championship points front, the boys proved that as a House, they are keen to uphold the spirit of the Lion and work for each other. This resulted in Richards being the winner of the 2021 House Cup. Among the academic work, sport, and co-curricular opportunities, the boys continued to compete in the House competition. We looked forward to our next meeting, the House shoot. Unfortunately, the universe had other ideas and our best efforts to live a normal life were dashed as we once again dealt with restrictions. However, there was a reprieve, and that was our Mothers’ High Tea. Once again we were able to descend on Riccarton House and partake in a wonderful event that brought the boys and their mums together for an afternoon. This has

men and, at times, having those difficult conversations around their academic plans. The year was just under way. Thanks to Mei Staples we were able to invite some of the Chinese community into Richards House to help celebrate the Chinese new year. We learnt about the traditions of couplets and red paper and why it was significant and the luck that it brings, and about the different characters that are on the couplets. We then hung them on either side of our entrance. Next, we were treated to traditional music and food, with the boys helping to make dumplings. This was a fantastic learning experience for the boys and an excellent way to kick off our year of understanding others, a theme that we would carry forward in all aspects of our culture. With the year underway, we came together as a House for the Athletics day lunch. This year was different, with an air of excitement rippling through the boys. Nathan McKenzie and the Year 13 boys, along with Scott Gregan in Year 12, had a plan, which was coming to fruition. The boys, as usual, were out on the field trying their hardest, but this year they wanted results. A great team feeling was evident as the boys organised their teams and individuals. With encouragement, a Richards member was in each event. Notable results were: U14 Lucas Carr – Javelin 7th Tom Costley – High Jump Ethan Crilly – Shot Put, Discus Riki Jones – Shot Put 2nd, Discus, Javelin 5th Thornton Reid – 1500m 10th Relay – 4x100m 9th

Housemaster: Kevin Harris Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Scott Franklin Mentors: Lesley Anderson- McKenna, David Newton, Victor Sue- Tang, Samantha Stevenson Matron: Jan Kelleher Resident Tutors: Andrew Black, Kevin Guttmann Head of House: Nathan McKenzie Deputy Head of House: Reilly Reed 2021 has once again proved to be an extraordinary year, with its own set of challenges. We started the year in typical fashion by welcoming our new Year 9 boys – Lucas Carr, Tom Costley, Ethan Crilly, Seb Hailey, James Johnson, Tinura Gajamange and Oscar Talbot – and their families to Richards House at our new entrants’ barbecue. Then we also welcomed Year 10 students Will Judd and Lucas Kelly; Year 11 students Ethan Jones and Adam Zhu; and Year 12 students Akira Ghafoor, William Song and Adam Raitt. The boys interacted with their House mentors during the year, working through goal planning, organisation, and study preparation. I want to thank Lesley Anderson-McKenna, David Newton, Victor Sue Tang, Samantha Stevenson and Scott Franklin for leading these young


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