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proved to be a very popular event and one that we look forward to expanding on next year. “Just wanting to thank you both for the lovely Mothers’ High Tea last Friday. I’m sure having to set up and arrange this event is just something else to add to your already long list of responsibilities!! I think it was really nice to be able to socialise with both the other mums and our boys together. I really appreciate all that you do for all of us, but especially our boys.” The interruptions to routine and continuously shifting sands of 2021 made it difficult for the boys to get any rhythm going for the second year in a row. Again, every boy must feel proud of the way in which they have conducted themselves during uncertain times. As a community, either physical or online, Richards House boys are at their best. It was an absolute pleasure to connect and check in on a daily basis with the boys. The valuable conversations via Google meetings were testament to the boys and their will to carry on supporting each other. Our international students have been working hard to support each other with their own unique challenges trying to maintain a semblance of normality while facing the reality of not being able to return home and see their families. It was great to see several families open their homes to these boys during weekends and holiday times. It is an experience that has made the boys richer and more understanding of each other. Thank you to those who have hosted the boys. The success of our involvement in House Plays and House Music are all dependent on boys and the leadership they show. This is an opportunity for boys to step up, step out of their comfort zone and explore a different side to what College is about. Richards House has a very positive approach towards planning and practising for these events, with boys from all years not only participating but leading. Unfortunately, this year’s difficulties

did not provide the opportunities that the boys flocked to in the past. Some of the boys were disappointed that they could not partake in the performances but are looking forward to the opportunities that 2022 holds. HOUSE MUSIC As always, the boys of Richards House were hungry for a win. However, circumstances had us “walking 500 miles” hoping for a win after yet another late change to the song two days out this time. At least last year, we had a week. It was a mad scramble, with James Higginson, Oscar Gosling and Scott Gregan orchestrating the assembly of singers under the watchful eye of Nathan McKenzie. On the night, the boys performed well and redeemed themselves for past haunting performances. We were lucky in Christchurch. We lived an almost normal life for a great deal of the year until the inevitable occurred and we went back into lockdown. Although short-lived, it threw the end of the year into turmoil with the level restrictions that followed. House Plays were the first victim. After an interrupted preparation, the boys did well playing to just the House and a live- stream audience. Our choice was about a small theatre company preparing for the opening

night of their friends’ original play when an accident prevents the truck carrying costumes and props from arriving. Determined to salvage the production, the actors stage the play using each other as the stagehands’ scenery and props. Dennis (Director) – Oliver Blackburn (Year 12) Mark (Sound Man) – William Simpson (Year 12) Aiden (Serious Actor) – James Higginson (Year 12) Pam (Female Improvisor) – Scott Gregan (Year 12) Julie (Flamboyant Actress) – Oscar Gosling (Year 12) Brian (Part of the Set) – Edward Bodie-Healy (Year 10) Tim (Part of the Set) – Jack Slater (Year 10) Dog – Seb Hailey (Year 9) Door – Oscar Talbot (Year 9) Director – Tinura Gajamange (Year 9) The Accident probably sums it up. Our boys once again did us proud with their performances, which gave us suspense, laughter, and questions. Like ‘where did they find those outfits?’ It is a shame more boys don’t get involved. I encourage all of you to give it a go next year. The House Haka is a proud tradition that the boys fully engage in. Unfortunately, Richards House did not have the opportunity to defend


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