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also received a Gold Tie. In Year 12, Hunter Adam also received a Gold Badge and Henri Murison a Gold Tie for their academic achievement in Year 11. This high level of achievement brought tremendous pride to the House and these students are examples of some of its excellent role models. These achievements are a great demonstration of their character strengths of Love of Learning, Curiosity and Perseverance. CODE OF CONDUCT In 2021, a Rolleston House Code of Conduct was introduced by George Gearry to clearly outline the expectations we have within the House, and to continue developing the culture of kindness, inclusiveness and participation that makes Rolleston House a great community to be a part of. Each week, a Code of Conduct Award (and a large bar of chocolate) was presented to recognise a person who demonstrated the Rolleston House values of being respectful, supportive and engaged. Respect each other • Treat others how you would like to be treated • Make Rolleston House a place where everybody feels welcome by embracing diversity • Be considerate and polite to all other boys and staff Respect the House • Rolleston is your home away from home while you are at College – treat it as such • Clean up after yourself and do duties when you are asked • If you damage something, report

George Gearry was elected as Head of House for 2021, with the support of Louis Hitchings as the Deputy Head of House and the rest of the Year 13 Rolleston group. Full of ideas and plans, the boys in Rolleston commenced the school year with a strong sense of values, enthusiasm and maintained the strong tradition of participation across a wide variety of activities. At lunchtimes, courtyard cricket, basketball and football, alongside table tennis upstairs, continued to prove popular. The Year 13 students picked up the tongs and fired up the new barbecue for the now famous Rolleston House lunchtime sausage sizzles, always a highlight in the term. The incoming Year 9s were welcomed with a day to get to know each other, which included a visit to Escape Artists, games, a barbecue and an insider’s tour of the College campus by the Year 13s. It was great to see new faces arriving and new friendships commence and it was not long before they were an integral part of the Rolleston House community and well on their way with swimming and athletics heats, new timetables, teachers and sports teams. Early in the year, we also celebrated the academic success of three Rolleston House students who sat Scholarship exams in Year 12 instead of Year 13. Congratulations went to George Gearry (Scholarship English), Callum Hackston (Scholarship English and Scholarship Geography) and Claude Tellick (Scholarship Geography) for this outstanding academic achievement. These three students were also re- awarded Gold Buttons and Claude

Housemaster: Dr Briar Wait Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Carey Prebble Mentors: Dr Graeme Swanson, Warren Lidstone, Tamara Lerios, Eloise Nevin Head of House: George Gearry Deputy Head of House: Louis Hitchings For the second year running, 2021 saw further disruption to life as we usually know it because of Covid-19. On the whole, the Rolleston House community showed resilience and flexibility to deal with the changes that Alert Levels, Traffic Lights and new school routines presented, and everyone can be commended on the way that they showed care and support for others during this time. Looking back, it is clear that strong student leadership and a sense of community made for a successful year overall. In 2021, Dr Briar Wait and Carey Prebble continued as Housemaster and Deputy Day Housemaster in Rolleston. Assistant Housemasters included Dr Graeme Swanson, Tamara Lerios, Eloise Nevin and Warren Lidstone and the support, guidance and wisdom brought to weekly Mentor time by these individuals was greatly appreciated within the House community.


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