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it as soon as you can so we can fix it Be Supportive • Lift each other up instead of putting others down • Do your part in House events – if you aren’t in the team, make sure you are there to support your Housemates • Be empathetic to those around you and help where you see it needed Be Engaged • Be willing to take part in House events and service opportunities • Check the noticeboards and be aware of when you are required for duties and other House commitments • Share your ideas for ways we can make Rolleston House even better.

to participate in House relay events and boys with a variety of athletic abilities were all willing to race alongside their friends to represent Rolleston House, giving everything they had. The College Swimming Sports consisted of individual events only, as the relays were cancelled because of number restrictions in the pool. George Zhang, Max Falvey, Max Harris, Joshua Hooker, and Joshua Ford qualified for finals and represented Rolleston House well on the day. A number of other interhouse sports teams, such as junior tennis, senior tennis, junior debating, and senior debating, either made or won their finals, and every competition was given a classic Rolleston effort. Notably, the teams for these events comprised not only the boys on the field but the swathes of supporters on the sidelines. It was a very strong year for House debating, with both the Senior and Junior teams taking it all the way. Congratulations to George Gearry, Claude Tellick, Callum Hackston, Henry Murison, Aaron Kwak, Harry Vaughan and Seann Zhao who stepped up to represent Rolleston House on these occasions. The year also finished on a strong note with some impressive House futsal by the juniors and enthusiastic support from the sidelines in the final weeks of school, and future years are looking positive. Throughout the year, the contribution and excellence of Rolleston House boys in their chosen areas was acknowledged as they were awarded Honours Ties and Sport Colours. Honours Ties went to Oscar Aynsley (Drama), Oliver Butler (Instrumental Music), George Gearry (Debating), Callum Hackston (Debating), Joshua Hooker (Instrumental Music), Tim Stewart (Drama) and Claude Tellick (Theatre Sports, Drama and Debating). Sports Colours went to Hunter Adam (Basketball), Joshua Ford (Waterpolo), Louis Hitchings (Sailing), Alex Lloyd (Hockey) and Thomas Macdonald (Claybird Shooting). These recipients brought their individual skills and knowledge to the House and often showed

leadership in the corresponding House competitions, lifting the performance of others around them, and demonstrating the House values of participation and teamwork. This set a positive tone for the year and the leadership and organisation of senior students were excellent. HOUSE MUSIC A highlight of Term 2 was the annual House Music Competition. Singing and rehearsals were high on the agenda in the lead up to the night. The Rolleston House Choir wholeheartedly performed Lola by The Kinks. Tim Stewart will leave a lasting memory as conductor in his blonde wig, with the support of the very talented Rolleston House backing band. Once again we did not get a mention on the night, and an overly enthusiastic entrance saw the House disqualified from competition, but the boys gave it 100% and it was a memorable performance overall. HOUSE PLAY On 17 August, the first House Play evening took place just as it was announced that the country was going into a Level 4 lockdown, and, understandably, emotions were running high. You Can’t See Me was written by Tim Stewart and directed by both Tim, and George Gearry, and told the story of a man’s descent into madness from a thought- provoking and original perspective. The Rolleston House boys were well prepared and ready to go with final rehearsals continuing right up to the day and the play was well received by the audience. The speaking roles were played by Tim Stewart, Oscar Aynsley, Claude Tellick and George Gearry, with Aaron Kwak, Alex Lloyd, Barnaby Stanton, Ben Beattie, Edward Nye, Eugene Farrell, Henri Murison, Hunter Adam, Jack McKeown, Joshua Ford, Luke Menzies, Matthew Geddes, Tommy Williamson, Thomas Currie, Max Falvey, Mitch Brents, Nate Herewini, TJ Cathro, Maddox

HOUSE SPORT A number of interhouse events

throughout the year saw boys from all year levels getting involved at lunchtimes and after school. The spirit of camaraderie was also shown and interhouse events were great demonstrations of Rolleston’s culture of participation and the ‘giving things a go’ attitude we are known for. Boys from all year levels have represented the House, and those not in these teams were impressive in their support, regardless of the result. Athletics Day had worse weather than we would have liked, but the performance from the House was fantastic and we came 5th overall. This was due to a great team effort from the boys, with everyone who turned up participating in one event or another. The large number of individual qualifiers included Lachie Beirne, Sam Glennie, Noah Goodfellow, Daniel Gourley, Henry Smith, Liam Barrett, George Brakenridge, Riley Diver, Jacob Douglas, Max Harris, Nate Herewini, Alex Lloyd, Jack McKeown, Edward Nye, George Smith, Hunter Adam, Henri Murison and Mason Ott, and their efforts made the House proud on the day. Many boys stepped up


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