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the Spreydon pupils see as role models.” Covid-19 restrictions did limit our ability to visit in the later part of the year, particularly when the Year 10s would usually visit during Service Week, but long may this relationship continue in future years. COVID-19 LOCKDOWN Term 3 saw school life thrown a curve ball as the country went into a Level 4 lockdown and a return to remote learning for the school community. Fortunately, this only lasted three weeks and we returned to school for the last week and a half of term to a revised daily routine. Derived Grade Examinations were shifted to the start of Term 4 and a two-week delay to the start of NCEA final examinations meant senior students remained at school longer than initially planned. As NCEA examinations and the end of the school year crept closer, Term 4 was a busy one for all. The Year 13s left their mark on the House and said goodbye to boys in their own special way and Tommy Williamson was appointed as the new Head of House, with Alex Lloyd and Henri Murison as Deputies for 2022. Unfortunately, limits on the number of people able to attend gatherings meant the House Dinner was cancelled and a student-only Rolleston House Prize-giving was live-streamed to the wider Rolleston House community instead. This did not detract from the impressive efforts of the boys and the House Cups were awarded to the following students: • Rolleston House Coates Cup – George Gearry • Rolleston Cup – Claude Tellick • GJ Worner Cup – Callum Hackston • The Zenith Cup – Louis Hitchings • HS Reid Cup – Claude Tellick • KF MacDonald Cup – Harry Vaughan • Rolleston Intermediate Points Cup – Max Harris

Diver and George Smith making up the Menagerie of Ghouls. Joshua Hooker was the solo violinist and Oliver Butler was part of the backstage crew. The House community was very proud to receive the following awards: • 2nd place • a Director’s Award to Tim Stewart and George Gearry for overall realisation of a script as a cohesive and compelling performance • a Best Actor Award to Tim Stewart for outstanding creation of a credible character, with impact • Actor’s Awards to Claude Tellick and Oscar Aynsley • Production Award for effective use of live music – recognising the live violin performance by Joshua Hooker. COMMUNITY SERVICE Giving back to others is an important component of being part of Rolleston House and the wider Christ’s College community. In 2021, Rolleston House supported two different groups and made a meaningful contribution to both Heart Kids and the Spreydon School community. On 11 June 2021, the Rolleston House boys braved some less than ideal weather to collect for Heart Kids Canterbury at two sites on

Cashel Mall from 9am–4pm. The boys raised a total of $955, which is an awesome contribution to a great cause. Having students collecting made such a difference and the feedback received by the Heart Kids Canterbury teams was that people loved seeing the boys out there putting back into the community, so they donated much more. In fact, the Rolleston boys raised more than twice as much as in 2019 at the same sites. The boys were wonderful ambassadors and great representatives of the school, reflecting the values and virtues that are encouraged in Rolleston House every day. Once again, the Rolleston House boys volunteered their time to the students at Spreydon School as an opportunity to give back to the wider Christchurch community. A group of students organised by Louis Hitchings and Carey Prebble visited a couple of times each term. The Spreydon kids adore our ‘big boys’ and are particularly fond of chasing them around the playground. Equally, the Rolleston boys get just as much from the experience as they draw on their character strengths of kindness and love to give to others. As George Gearry put it; “I am always impressed by the way Rolleston boys rise to the unexpected challenges of these trips, with each visit acting not only as an excellent opportunity for service but also for leadership from boys of all year levels, who


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