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• Rolleston Junior Points Cup – Riley Diver • The Zwart Best Senior Actor Cup – Tim Stewart • GC Murfitt Cup – Hunter Adam • Year 9 Junior Swimming Cup – George Zhang • Cross Country Tankard – Jack McKeown • Callum & The Chuckle Brothers Cup (a new award for most promising debater) – Aaron Kwak In addition, Aaron Kwak, Ben Beattie, Jack McKeown, Tommy Williamson, Alex Lloyd, Joshua Ford and Louis Hitchings received Rolleston House Achievement Awards for their Significant Contribution to interhouse competition. Matthew Geddes, Noah Goodfellow, Benjamin Murphy, Harry Vaughan, George Brakenridge, Jack McKeown, Thomas Currie, Mason

Ott, Claude Tellick and George Gearry also received Rolleston House Achievement Awards for their diligence, perseverance, and determination in their learning. FAREWELL TO YEAR 13S With the absence of the usual House Dinner and end-of-year festivities, the Year 13 students and parents got together for a farewell dinner. This relaxed occasion was the perfect opportunity to come together as the Year 13s ended their time at College. Most memorable was seeing the close relationship these boys have with each other after five years in the House together and I have no doubt that this will continue into the future. It was also an opportunity to recognise both George and Richard Gearry who were Head of House in their respective final school years, a

special moment in Rolleston House history.

While the year 2021 had its challenges, Rolleston House

remained strong as a community. Humour, teamwork and kindness continued to be some of the top character strengths in Rolleston House and these strengths enabled us to navigate the challenges faced throughout the year. The boys can be proud of what they achieved in 2021, both individually and as a group. Being part of the Rolleston House community offers a sense of belonging for many and right from day one the positive relationships that are built within the House form the basis of many lasting friendships into the future. “Thus and perhaps better.” Dr Briar Wait Housemaster, Rolleston House


Back Row: LF Menzies, CW Jones, HM Murison, AB Mahon, TM Goodfellow, Y Zhang, TJ Williamson, HR Adam, AW Turnham, GJT Smith, TWM Currie, RN Macdonald Jaramillo, AJB Lloyd, AR Chamberlain, MC Ott, Dr GM Swanson (Mentor) Fourth Row: Mr WC Lidstone (Mentor), JE Douglas, JEF McKeown, EJ Nye, MWB Falvey, JP Murphy, LP Jelley, MB Harris, S Jung, LN Allen, TJE Crestani, NG Herewini, JM Hooker, MR Brents, GS Brakenridge, BH Stanton Third Row: Ms TL Lerios (Mentor), OPM Walker, STX Zhao, S Lai, A Chang, HD Beaglehole, DJ Gourley, J Lee, BK Murphy, RF Steere, HLH Ansell, HC Vaughan, BM Beattie, HJ Hitchings, RJ Diver, Miss ES Nevin (Mentor) Second Row: Miss CJ Prebble (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), OJR Butler, SD Falvey, TO Macdonald, JW Ford, E Farrell, GC Gearry Head of House), Dr BR Wait (Housemaster), LD Hitchings (Deputy Head of House), BB Crestani, CW Tellick, OJ Aynsley, CJ Hackston, TD Stewart, JM Bellaney Front Row: TJ Cathro, B Kim, MH Diver, GB Zhang, VAL McLachlan, MB Geddes, NJ Goodfellow, LJA Beirne, HMT Smith, A Kwak, FG Stanton, CL Jelley, JB Hart Absent: LF Barrett, JC Beaglehole, SM Glennie, HMS Johnston, LJS King, N Williams


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