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Randolph: Henry Smith – Ned Botherway, Will Hutchinson, Jack Bethell, Digby Sheild, George Helmore, Tom Chaffey, Nico Elworthy, George Clarke, Harry Hanson, Will McQuilkin, Will Studholme, Callum Kingsbury and George Young. Seymour: Nick Sutcliffe – Louie Bethell, Liam Cassidy, Sam Pinckney (left end of Term 1), Jake Abbiss, Jack Smith, Charlie Stanley, Jamie Burdon, Will Gould, Jamie Ireland, Dom Botherway, Hugo Helmore, Matthew Lee, Angus Haugh, Geordie Pavey and Charles Smith. 2021 was another great year for School House. We have had our challenges – the recent lockdown and Alert Level changes have tested our adaptability and, as always, the boys and staff of School House have risen to the challenges. Through it all one thing remains consistent – that is the aroha and sense of community of the School House whaˉnau. I particularly want to acknowledge our international boarders who must be commended for the incredible resilience and maturity they have demonstrated, given that they have not been able to go home because of

travel restrictions. The year started on the last Sunday of January with us welcoming our new Year 9s and their families. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, James Hadden, Angus Haugh, Callum Kingsbury, Rockie Macfarlane, Fergus McCone, Geordie Pavey, Charles Smith, Hugo Trolove, Angus Wallis and George Young were ready to take on the challenges and new adventures that secondary school and boarding have to offer and what a good job they have done throughout the year. You have made a good and LOUD start to your time here and the best is yet to come. Your journey has begun and before you know it, we will be farewelling you in four years’ time. Sadly, due to the knock-on effect of Covid-19 and Alert Levels, a number of our annual events were cancelled, which included the House Dinner and the House Claybird Shoot. A big thank you to the Hutchinsons who were willing to open their home and the Double Hill Station to us. We still managed to successfully hold a number of activities and events throughout the year that brought the entire House community together. These are listed below.

Housemaster: Arthur Wood Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Henry Smith Mentors: Kate Morris, Callum Bell, Nick Sutcliffe, Ben Sheat Matron: Sharon Cryer Residential Tutors: Callum Bell, Jack Harper, Ben Sheat, Liam O’Leary Non-Residential Tutor: Richard Goodwin, Rebekah Wood, Vincent Kenworthy Domestic staff: Vicky Skevington, Kerri Duggan, Carolyn Thornton Head of House: Louis Elworthy Deputy Head of House: Gus Orr MENTOR GROUPS CJ: Callum Bell and Ben Sheat – Edward Davidson, Jack Yang, Jasper Williams, Rudi Beavan, Charlie Burdon, Ethan Pang, Oscar Todhunter, Luc Botherway, Matthew O’ Connor, Oliver Biggs, Junewon Kang (left end of Term 2), Wills Ockwell, James Hadden, Fergus McCone and Angus Wallis. Cressy: Kate Morris – Louis Elworthy, Gus Orr, Henry Bowmar (left end of Term 2), Freddie Tapper, Hamish Grigg, Gus Pavey, Jack Sutherland, Tom Hansen, Benji Nation, Louie Nelson, Rockie Macfarlane and Hugo Trolove.


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