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a huge contribution to the House, especially after normal school hours. Sharon Cryer, our hardworking and dedicated Matron, whose care and support of the boys is unsurpassed. Deputy Housemaster Henry Smith, who has been a great support and to whom I know I can entrust the reins of the House if I am away. Thanks, also, to Kate Kempthorne-Smith, and Ben and Ruby, Henry’s wife and children, for their support of Henry and the House. A big thank you to Vikki, Rebekah and Joshua for their amazing support of me, I am so grateful. Last, thank you to the Lord for the strength and guidance He has given me in 2021. We farewell Sam Pinckney, Henry Bowmar, Charlie Burdon and Junewon Kang and wish them well in their future endeavours. The end of 2021 will mark the end of another chapter for my family and

I as we end our time in boarding. We have enjoyed our 16 years in boarding across two countries with many fond memories. There have been some incredible highs, lows and challenges along the way. The past five years in School House have been an awesome part of our journey and everyone in the School House whaˉnau have contributed. Thank you. I believe that School House is in a great place and has certainly moved from a good House to a great House and, as one of the Head of House candidates said in his speech this year, it is the best House. I hope that each of you feels that you have created or are creating a lasting legacy so that you can leave this House in a better place than when you started here. To Henry Smith – I wish you all the best. I know that you will do a great

job as you lead the House through its next chapter. You have a wonderful family and School House team that will support you. Thank you boys, parents and staff, the entire whaˉnau for your support, care and aroha that you have shown my family and I over the past five years. The Whakatauki – He aha te mea nui o te ao. He taˉngata, he taˉngata, he taˉngata – What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people. “Good House to a Great House – Leaving a lasting legacy” Pilgrims Still! Arthur Wood Housemaster, School House ¯


Back Row: J Kang, OLT Biggs, BA Nation, MW Lee, HJN Helmore, WJ McQuilkin, DLJ Botherway, WH Ockwell, TC Hansen, HJ Hanson, JH Baker-Sherman, WAA Studholme, LMJ Nelson Fourth Row: Mr RT Goodwin (Non-residental Tutor), Mr JLF Harper (Residental Tutor), JR Ireland, WM Gould, NGT Elworthy, LDC Botherway, GR Clarke, GFC Pavey, TMC Chaffey, JJH Sutherland, JT Burdon, Mr CR Bell (Mentor), Miss RE Wood (Non-residental Tutor), Mr VP Kenworthy (Non-residental Tutor) Third Row: Ms KA Morris (Mentor), JAH Bethell, DJM Sheild, CS Stanley, FJ Tapper, HE Bowmar, Y Pang, GAJ Helmore, OTP Todhunter, HT Grigg, JPJ Abbiss, RJC Beavan, JA Smith, CH Burdon, Mr NL Sutcliffe (Mentor) Second Row: Y Yang, LJC Cassidy, ES Botherway, L Bethell, GR Trolove, Mrs SM Cryer (Matron), AW Orr (Deputy Head of House), Mr AW Wood (Housemaster), LFT Elworthy (Head of House), Mr HR Smith (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), EPW Davidson, WP Hutchinson, GP Clarke, JPJ Williams, SPG Pinckney Front Row: CJR Smith, TR Macfarlane, AT Wallis, JE Hadden, GJR Pavey, CR Kingsbury, GW Young, HM Trolove, FJ McCone, AJ Haugh Absent: MDK O’Connor


Register 2021 Pastoral Care

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