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the mountain. Get up there, enjoy the view, and then climb again.” Whatever happens – whether we are 1st or 10th, whether you pass an exam or not, whether you get in a team or not – you are a champion as long as you keep moving forward. After 21 years in Somes House, Nick Coxon retired from College. Nick was always a great supporter of the House through this time. He always backed what we were trying to do and was the deputy for all the times that I was away before we actually had a formal role. We will miss him, especially with the House Music, and wish him a long change in focus with his family. Following the 2020 NZQA examinations, James Currie gained a NZQA Scholarship in Calculus as a Year 12 student, and together with Jack Belcher, each received a Gold Tie for their Year 12 results. Also from Year 12 results, Thomas Clarke, Shyam Hari and James Luxon received their Gold Tie awards. From Year 11, Jasper Moss received his Gold Badge and William Law received his Gold Tie award. At the end of 2021, Jack Belcher, Thomas Clarke, James Currie, Shyam Hari, and James Luxon each were awarded University Scholarships for their tertiary studies. During the year, MANifesto Awards were received by Ciaran Huntley, George Howard, and Eric Kuo. Character Awards recognised James Burt (3), Max Chi, Alan Chong, Ollie du Toit (2), Matthew Flint (5), Callum Gard, George Grace (2), Dan Kelly (3), Armani Lemalu, Blake McCarthy (2), Finlay Sharpe (3), Calib Wyness, Sam Belcher (2), Ihaka Cate, Alf Markham, and Sam Nicholl. The Sedley Wells Solo Music

competition saw Ryan Gu (piano) recognised as the Sedley Wells junior instrumental winner for 2021. Thomas Clarke (guitar) was placed 2nd in the senior instrumental section, and James Currie 2nd in the senior vocal section. Jacob Clements and Reuben Oh performed in the senior production, with the junior production of Fame including Blake McCarthy, James Burt, Ollie Du Toit, and Alex Johnston. On a different note, James Drury gained his diploma examination and was awarded an ATCL diploma in violin performance from the Trinity College of London, which is equivalent in standard to the first year recital of an undergraduate degree. Christ’s College Honours were awarded to: Jack Belcher (Choral Music and Instrumental Music), James Currie (Theatresports), James Drury (Instrumental Music), Shyam Hari (Choral Music and Instrumental Music), Ciaran Huntley (Drama), and Andrew Welsh (Instrumental Music). Callum Gard showed his versatility with success across swimming at the Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Championships, then through surf at the Canterbury, Southern Regions and the New Zealand Junior Surf Nationals, before finishing with multiple medals from the South Island Canoe Sprint Championships. James Currie continued to break swimming records at the Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Championships, while Hopo Leota and James Drury had success at both the Canterbury Secondary Schools’ and South Island Secondary Schools’ Championships for athletics. Jasper Moss collected titles at the Canterbury Secondary Schools’

Housemaster: Dr Craig Aitken Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Dr Tom Hawkins Mentors: Kate Belton, Emma Bracken, Nick Coxon, Dr Neil de Joux (Term 1), Steve Everingham, Erin Rutherford (Terms 2-4) Head of House: Thomas Clarke Deputy Head of House: James Luxon House Prefects: Liam Alexander, Jack Belcher, James Currie, Timothy Gould, Angus Hammett, Shyam Hari, Caleb Manson, Abe McArthur, Cameron McCarthy, Nic Shearer, Rajan Stephens, Harry Trolove 2021 was a good year for Somes House, all due to the connectedness and support that the students have shown to each other. Your ability to be there for each other, to support the House through the various activities, and to work for a common objective are all the things that make a House community strong. By looking after the little parts, we get to enjoy the larger successes, such as the interhouse championship. However, it takes everyone to get there. Jill Ellis, coach of the USA women’s football team, responded to a poor result from her team when she said that; “Mountaintops are small, and the air is thin. You are not meant to dwell on the top of


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