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Directed by Josh Jolly and Reis Azlan An intriguing play where Alex Brett was given the most challenging job in history and Archer Oliver took on the most challenging role: God. It was a hilarious, yet thought- provoking, piece beautifully directed by Josh Jolly and Reis Azlan.

CORFE HOUSE The Dog Sitters By Sarah Cowan Directed by Sam Dickie

FLOWER’S HOUSE Over the Wall By James Saunders Directed by Richard Harnett A beautifully directed play with

stunning costumes gave it a professional feel. Ed Davidson tried hard to discover the secrets of the wall only to end his life by flinging himself over it in a final attempt. Thought-provoking, scary and beautiful.

Corfe brought back this piece that had been done by the House several years ago and proved that it was a keeper. The live/dead dog, the dance routine and good old grandad Norman were highlights.


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