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essential for potting mix cartage and school site storage. Despite Covid-19 lockdowns and very inclement weather postponing plantings, around 730 students, their whaˉnau, and community volunteers helped get our trees into the ground. All the school flags made for a festive atmosphere. The ground was pre-mulched using donated Living Earth, transported by Stark Bros and Maugers. It was then spread by Maugers and Isaacs. The two plantings in QEII Adventure Nature Trail saw 3000 natives planted into a very dry environment. The water tanks donated by Mainland Tanks and Drums became essential and will continue to be used over the summer in combination with the watering that the New Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade has undertaken to do as pump practice. By comparison, the next 3000 were planted after a record rainfall event postponed planting for a week and left us with a literal peat swamp. Volunteers coped well and 550 helped over the two Sunday mornings. We returned to the

Chimera Crescent planting leased from LINZ to interplant last year’s block, as well as complete the northern end. An enthusiastic 180 volunteer planters put 3000 plants in the ground and folded the PB3’s for reuse next season. The last scheduled planting at Chimera was firstly delayed by Covid-19 level restrictions and then cancelled due to the weather. The Department of Correction’s Community Work crews took over the planting and mulching of the remaining 4000 plants. They have done a great job and will continue to maintain the two blocks, weeding and watering over the summer. Collaboration with other organisations will continue to be essential as we help plant out the 600ha of the Green Spine City to Sea vision for a native forest, full of bird song, over the next decade or two. A large grant received from Christchurch City Council Sustainability and Community Resilience Committee, after a positive recommendation from Te Tira Kaˉhikuhiku, will allow the rest

of that block to be completed as well as funding the continuing expansion of participating schools growing plants for the Red Zone. Other grants from the RATA Foundation, Christchurch City Council, and private sources will ensure the continuation of the Trust’s mahi for next year. The efforts of all involved have been recognised with the Eco- Action Nursery Trust announced as a finalist in the Keep New Zealand Beautiful national awards, Generation Give and Canterbury

Aoraki Conservation Award. Ngaˉ mihi nui again to all the

students, teachers, volunteers, and businesses sponsors who are helping make this a reality. David Newton Chair – Eco-Action Nursery Trust


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