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them being in the U15 Black team from last year and four of them being teammates in 2020 in the U15 White team. There were also two new additions in the form of talented Year 9 boys. Through every match up, this group almost always improved against teams compared to their last fixture. They never settled for less and each game, win or lose, everyone would be motivated and ready to build towards greater collective success. This mindset and the approach attached to it, was a key factor contributing to the team reaching the Grand Final.” Due to Covid-19, the team was faced with the challenge of maintaining physical and mental fitness through lockdown as well as the fortnight leading up to the eventual final game. Morale remained high and the boys went into the game against Rangiora High School with the confidence that they had prepared as well as they could, under the circumstances. Rangiora were worthy opponents, equally determined to win. College dominated play in the first two quarters, but Rangiora came back strongly in the third. Rani rallied the boys in the last quarter and they pulled out all stops to follow through to a 63-57 win. My special thanks to all the

parents who supported the team throughout the season, particularly Dev Eglinton as parent liaison. It was very much our ‘village’ who facilitated the transport, the bench duties, the communications, and the on-the-day support which ensured that everything ran smoothly and made my job as manager much less stressful than it could have been. You deserve a trophy too! Susan Harding Manager U15 WHITE BASKETBALL Manager: Riki Clark Coach: Isaac Dann Team: Max Airey, Morgan Clancy, Louie Garry, Thomas Hazeldine, Benson Huang, Alex Johnston, Ned McCrystal, Louis McKeon, Mark Reidie, Hugo Trolove, George Wilson The season started ‘fresh’ and it took some time for the players to connect and understand one another on the court. With a couple of losses at the start of the season, the players were determined to get some wins on the board so that their talents could be recognised by others. The team showed great confidence in one another when their on-court connections started to take shape. A good team culture and respect were key factors that contributed to the

overall growth of the team. Coach Isaac Dann proved a great role model. His athlete-centred approach helped to ensure that our players trusted in their own abilities to deliver, especially when under pressure. Isaac provided great insight into the game, helping the players with their skills, especially when executing the basics. The boys showed great respect towards their coach and were always keen to learn. The parents were incredibly supportive, and this was shown in their efforts in fundraising initiatives, courtside support and bench duties. Their encouragement helped the players to pull through and grab the win. Four boys made representative teams for the regional U13 tournament, a big win for College basketball. George Wilson and Louis McKeon were chosen for Canterbury, and Max Airey and Tom Hazeldine for North Canterbury. Congratulations to these boys. I would like to thank Isaac for his incredible leadership of our players this year. I would also like to thank the parents who supported Isaac in his coaching role to ensure that every player succeeded in some way throughout the season. Finally, I would like to thank our parent helper, Jasmine Hazeldine, who went above and beyond in her role to support this team. Her ability to support others is a credit to her leadership and expertise in working

with others. Riki Clark Manager

U15 GREY BASKETBALL Manager: Rob Clarke, Mike Field Coach: Josh Hinton Team: Ben Campbell, Harry Flatman, James Floyd, Daniel Gourley, Matty Hickman, Alf Markham, Max McNulty, PJ Palamo, Rahal Pathirana, Oscar Ren, Rico Steere, Max Topham This season, three U15 basketball teams played in the Saturday CBA competition. The U15 Grey side


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